1988 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 55, 1988

1988 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 55, 1988


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Volume 55: Number 1

An ELISA using an SDS extract of Brucella abortus strain 99 as antigen to detect B. abortus antibodies in cattle sera Williamson, CC, Oberem, PT, Poerstamper, C, De Waal, DT, Matthee, O & Brett, OL 1

Broiler pulmonary hypertension syndrome. III. Commercial broiler strains differ in their susceptibility Huchzermeyer, FW, De Ruyck, AMC & Van Ark, H 5

The developmental success of Amblyomma hebraeum and Amblyomma marmoreum on the leopard tortoise, Geochelone pardalis Horak, IG, Dower, KM & Petney, TN 11

The characteristics of a variant strain of Brucella melitensis Rev I Gummow, B, Pieterson, PM, Pefanis, SM, Venter, CG & Herr, S 15

Arthropod parasites of common reedbuck, Redunca arundinum, in Natal Horak, IG, Boomker, JDF, Keep, ME & Flamand, JRB 19

Ascites and the anatomy of the peritoneal sacs of broilers Bezuidenhout, AJ 23

Experimental transmission of jaagsiekte (ovine pulmonary adenomatosis) to goats Verwoerd, DW, Tustin, RC, York, DF, Williamson, AL 27

Isolation of pure Babesia equi and Babesia caballi organisms in splenectomized horses from endemic areas in South Africa Stegmann, GF, De Waal, DT, Van Heerden, J, Van Den Berg, SS & Potgieter, FT 33

The clinical pathology of heartwater. I. Haematology and blood chemistry Guthrie, AJ, Bertschinger, HJ, Van Amstel, SR, Reyers, F & Oberem, PT 37

The passive protection of lambs against Clostridium perfringens type D with semi-purified hyperimmune serum Odendaal, MW, Visser, JJ, Botha, WJS & Prinsloo, H 47

The pathology of chronic Drechslera campanulata toxicosis in inbred rats Collett, MG, Fincham, JE, Tustin, RC, Joubert, G, Marasas, WFO 51

Research communications:

The indirect fluorescent antibody technique for the rapid identification of streptococcosis of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) Bragg, RR 59

A comparison of fixatives suitable for scanning electron microscopy of Habronema spp. Krecek, RC, Van Niekerk, JP, Els, HJ 63

Further observations on the electrophoretic characterization of South African Schistosoma mattheei and S. haematobium Kruger, FJ 67

Wildebeest-derived malignant catarrhal fever : unusual epidemiology in South Africa Barnard, BJH, Van de Pypekamp, HE 69

Aerobic metabolism of trehalose in the taxonomy of coagulase negative staphylococci Erasmus, JA 73

The use of domestic chickens as laboratory hosts of the larvae of the bont tick, Amblyomma hebraeum Holley, AD, Petney, TN 75

Volume 55: Number 2

The suitability of a rolled BHK21monolayer system for the production of vaccines against the SAT types of foot-and-mouth disease virus. I. Adaptation of virus isolates to the system, immunogen yields achieved and assessment of subtype cross reactivity Thomson, GR, Esterhuysen, JJ, Ashford, WA, Lentz, DW, Gainaru, MD, Sayer, AJ, Meredith, CD, Janse Van Rensburg, D & Pini, A 77

The isolation of Campylobacter hyointestinalis from a pig in South Africa Van der Walt, ML & Van der Lugt, JJ 85

A survey of Karoo tick paralysis in South Africa Spickett, AM & Heyne, H 89

An ultrastructural study of the development of Babesia occultans in the salivary glands of adult Hyalomma marginatum rufipes Blouin, EF & Van Rensburg, L 93

Culicoides species associated with livestock in the Stellenbosch area of the Western Cape Province, Republic of South Africa (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) Venter, GJ, Nevill, EM, Edwardes, M, Pajor, ITP, Meiswinkel, R & Van Gas, JH 101

Avian pulmonary hypertension syndrome. IV. Increased right ventricular mass in turkeys experimentally infected with Plasmodium durae Huchzermeyer, FW 107

The clinical pathology of heartwater. II. Studies on cardiac and pulmonary function in 4 calves with experimentally-induced heartwater Guthrie, AJ, Van Amstel, SR, Oberem, PT, Killeen, VM & Matthee, O 109

Research communications:

An investigation into alternative methods for the diagnosis of dourine Stoltsz, WH, Williamson, CC, Mattheus, A & Schiele, GJ 117

Failure of Haematobia thirouxi potans (Bezzi) to transmit foot-and-mouth disease virus mechanically between viraemic and susceptible cattle Thomson, GR, Braack, LEO, Doube, BM, Gainaru, MD & Bengis, RG 121

Mycoplasma mycoides recovered from the frontal sinus of an ox Trichard, CJV & Jacobsz, EP 123

Freeze-drying of Aegyptianella pullorum Huchzermeyer, FW, Bartkowiak, RA, Potgieter, FT, Van Rensburg, L, Labuschagne, FJ & Van Biljon, BJ 125

Volume 55: Number 3

The possible involvement of immunosuppression caused by a lentivirus in the aetiology of jaagsiekte and pasteurellosis in sheep Verwoerd, DW, Myer, MS, Huchzermeyer, HFAK, York, DF, Hunter, P & Garnett, HM 127

Aggregation pheromones of the bont tick Amblyomma hebraeum: identification of candidates for bioassay Apps, PJ, Viljoen, HW & Pretorius, V 135

Isolation and identification of trout viruses in South Africa Bragg, RR & Combrink, ME 139

Parasites of domestic and wild animals in South Africa. XXlll. Helminth and arthropod parasites of warthogs, Phacochoerus aethiopicus, in the eastern Transvaal Lowveld Horak, IG, Boomker, J, De Vos, V & Potgieter, FT 145

The tegument of Schistosoma hippopotami from Hippopotamus amphibius in the Kruger National Park Kruger, FJ, Hamilton-Attwell, VL, Joubert, PH & Visser, PS 153

Fasciola in horses in the Republic of South Africa: a single natural case of Fasciola hepatica and the failure to infest ten horses either with F. hepatica or Fasciola gigantica Van Wyk, JA, Alves, RMR & Van Rensburg, LJ 157

The flrst isolations of Campylobacter mucosalis from pigs in South Africa Spencer, BT, Loveday, RK & Van der Walt, ML 165

Immunization procedure-related immunoglobulin levels in the development of antibodies against Cysticercus cellulosae Contrafatto, G & Pammenter, MD 169

Comparative feeding behaviour and food preferences of oxpeckers (Buphagus erythrorhynchus and B. africanus) in captivity Stutterheim, IM, Bezuidenhout, JD & Elliot, EGR 173

The isolation and serology of the "FSA" Brucella melitensis Rev.1 mutant in a flock of sheep Gummow, B, Pefanis, SM, Pieterson, PM, Williamson, CC, Venter, CG & Herr, S 181

Research communications:

The presence of the trichostrongylid Teladorsagia davtiani in sheep in the southwestern Cape Louw, JP 185

Notes on the occurrence of tubercular spines in Schistosoma margrebowiei and Schistosoma mattheei Kruger, FJ, Hamilton-Attwell, VL, Tiedt, L, Visser, PS & Joubert, PH 187

Serological reactions to Leptospira species in game animals of northern Natal Myburgh, JG, Hunter, P, Flamand, JRB & Van der Merwe, SM 191

Volume 55: Number 4

A field outbreak in Ile-de-France sheep of a cardiotoxicosis caused by the plant Pachystigma pygmaeum (Schltr) Robyns (Rubiaceae) Prozesky, L, Fourie, N, Neser, JA & Nel, PW 193

Leukoencephalomalacia in a horse induced by fumonisin B1isolated from Fusarium moniliforme Coetzer, JAW, Marasas, WFO, Kellerman, TS, Gelderblom, WCA, Thiel, PG & Van der Lugt, JJ 197

The use of electronarcosis as anaesthetic in the cichlid, Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters). II. The effects of changing physical and electrical parameters on the narcotizing ability of alternating current Barham, WT, Schoonbee, HJ & Visser, JGJ 205

The presence of endotoxin activity in cases of experimentally-induced heartwater in sheep Van Amstel, SR, Oberem, PT, Didomenico, M, Kirkpatrick, RD & Mathee, J 217

Experimental gallop rhythm in sheep with Gousiekte: correlation of changes in amplitude with haemodynamic parameters Van Rooyen, JM, Van Ryssen, JCJ, Minnaar, JP & Pretorius, PJ 221

Hybridization of DNA probes to A. marginale isolates from different sources and detection in Dermacentor andersoni ticks Ambrosio, RE, Visser, ES, Koekhoven, Y & Kocan, KM 227

Parasites of South African wildlife. III. Helminths of kudu, Tragelaphus strepsiceros, from South West Africa/Namibia Horak, IG, Boomker, J & Anthonissen, M 231

Susceptibility to heartwater of calves born to non-immune cows Du Plessis, JL & Malan, L 235

Research communication:

The presence of Cowdria ruminantium antigen in various tissues of Amblyomma hebraeum imagines as detected by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay Neitz, AWH, Viljoen, GJ, Bezuidenhout, JD, Oberem, PT & Vermeulen, NMJ 239

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