South African Journal of Art History Volume 29 (2014)

South African Journal of Art History Volume 29 (2014)


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South African Journal of Art History, Volume 29, Issue 1 (2014)
Derntl, Maria Fernanda The territory shaped : urban plans and urbanization policy in Portuguese America
Folkers, Antoni S Planning and replanning Ng’ambo, Zanzibar
Hattingh, Heidi Saayman Mikael Subotzki : The surveyor and the surveyed within the urban environment
Jordaan, June Ruin cities : sources of nostalgia, consolation, revenge, tectonic landscape and inspiration
Kruger, Runette City Walls to city streets : utopias of dissent
Lewis, John A.H. Morality of cities : Renaissance images and texts
Mare, Estelle Alma Leonardo da Vinci’s ideal city designs contextualised and assessed
Olivier, Bert Walking in the city as (model for) “dissensus”
Oppermann, Johann Méliès’ moon is a late 19th-century colonial moon ... “my lunar landscape is just outside Johannesburg”
Peters, Walter The “wall of flesh” of the Conquered Territory : farmhouses and towns established in defence of the eastern boundary of the Orange Free State, beginning 1866
Steele, John Outside city limits : introducing Anton van der Merwe of Starways Arts, in Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Steyn, Gerald Is Corbusian Chandigarh an “openly black African inspired” city in India?
Tsoumas, Johannis Piraeus as a potential Cultural Capital of Europe : the role of its industrial architecture heritage
Verster, Wanda Observing the city : imagining through faceless figures

South African Journal of Art History, Volume 29, Issue 2 (2014)
Bhana, Poorvi; Stevens, Ingrid Zen and the art of artmaking: Goldsworthy and Kapoor
Labuschagne, Pieter The Women’s Monument and memorial complexity in the context of political change: from memorial exclusivity to monument(al) inclusivity
Louw, Mike “Slow” architecture and its links with Slow Food
Mare, Estelle Alma A rhetorical interpretation of a geometric diagram of Plato’s “Creation Myth” overlaid on the Parthenon’s main facade
Mare, Estelle Alma The role of the second architect on a significant building site
Naude, Mauritz Bellman hangars : structures of scale and functionality
Noble, J.A. (Jonathan) Architecture, historicism and historiography
Schmidt, Leoni Van Brandenburg unfurled: architecture in the expanded field of contemporary practice
Steyn, Gerald West African influence on various projects by Le Corbusier
Strydom, Richardt The colonial gaze and the artist’s use of authoring strategies in Charles Davidson Bell’s The Landing of Van Riebeeck, 1652
Stevens, Ingrid The pool of the psyche : water in the work of Ariana van Heerden and Kevin Roberts
Zuiddam, Benno The devil and his works : the owl in Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450-1516)

South African Journal of Art History, Volume 28, Issue 3 (2014)
De Lange, Rudi W The representation of women as a competitive self-objectified image : a new design identity of misleading slimming advertising
Du Toit, Flip Interpreting images from South African family photographic collections of the Anglo-Boer War period 1899 to 1902
Mare, Estelle Alma “I paint, therefore I am” : self-portraiture in the era of the self-aware and self-reflexive artist
Noble, J.A. (Jonathan) On the question of architecture and identity, in post-apartheid South Africa
Olivier, Bert Identity in architecture and art : Versailles, Giverny and Gyeongju
Keogh, Sarah Visualising the merging of culture from an ‘other’ perspective
Steyn, Gerald Globalisation, vernacularisasion and the invention of identities
South African Journal of Art History, Volume 29, Issue 4 (2014)
Du Preez, Linda “Hollow” : reflections on practice, the artefact and the body
Goodrich, Andre; Strydom, Richardt Landscape art and the territorial ontology : a call for landscape restitution
Goosen, Moya Reflective Conversations : baudrillard’s orders of the simulacrum
Greyling, Franci Sin van plek en bioregionalisme : gelaagdheid in ʼn kunstenaarsboekinstallasie van Stanley Grootboom
Marley, Ian; Swanepoel, Rita Die deelnemingsparadigma as ’n addisionele paradigma in multi-praktisyns en praktykgeleide navorsingsprojekte
Rathbone, Louisemarié; Lotz, Colette Character and characterisation in the visual arts : nunology’s punning characters
Strydom, Richardt; Goosen, Moya Expressing liminality through a reflective practice account of Dismotief
Swanepoel, M.C. (Rita) Hope in despair : an interpretation of Jean Lampen and Rita Swanepoel’s Silent Cries (2013)

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