Smart vehicle navigation system using hidden Markov model and RFID technology

Show simple item record Malekian, Reza Kavishe, A.F. Maharaj, Bodhaswar Tikanath Jugpershad Gupta, Pradeep Kumar Singh, G. Waschefort, H. 2017-03-09T09:34:07Z 2016-10
dc.description.abstract The road transport of dangerous goods has been the subject of research with increasing frequency in recent years. Global positioning system (GPS) based vehicle location devices are used to track vehicles in transit. However, this tracking technology suffers from inaccuracy and other limitations. In addition, real-time tracking of vehicles through areas shielded from GPS satellites is difficult. In this paper, the authors have addressed the implementation of a smart vehicle navigation system capable of using radio frequency identification based on information about navigation paths. For prediction of paths and accurate determination of navigation paths in advance, predictive algorithms have been used based on the hidden Markov model. At the core of the system there is an existing field programmable gate array board and hardware for collection of navigation data. A communication protocol and a database to store the driver’s habit data have been designed. From the experimental results obtained, an accurate navigation path prediction is consistently achieved by the system. In addition, once-off disturbances to the driver habits have been filtered out successfully. en_ZA
dc.description.department Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering en_ZA
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dc.identifier.citation Malekian, R., Kavishe, A.F., Maharaj, B.T., Gupta, P.K., Singh, G. & Waschefort, H. Smart vehicle navigation system using hidden Markov model and RFID technology. Wireless Personal Communications (2016) 90: 1717-1742. doi:10.1007/s11277-016-3419-1. en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn 0929-6212 (print)
dc.identifier.issn 1572-834X (online)
dc.identifier.other 10.1007/s11277-016-3419-1
dc.language.iso en en_ZA
dc.publisher Springer en_ZA
dc.rights © Springer Science+Business Media New York 2016. The original publication is available at : en_ZA
dc.subject Navigation path en_ZA
dc.subject Prediction algorithms en_ZA
dc.subject Vehicle tracking en_ZA
dc.subject Global positioning system (GPS) en_ZA
dc.subject Radio-frequency identification (RFID) en_ZA
dc.subject Hidden Markov model en_ZA
dc.title Smart vehicle navigation system using hidden Markov model and RFID technology en_ZA
dc.type Postprint Article en_ZA

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