1953 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 26, Number 1 & 2, 1953

1953 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 26, Number 1 & 2, 1953


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Volume 26: Number 1

Calf paratyphoid I. A general discussion of the disease in relation to animals and man Henning, MW 3

Calf paratyphoid II. Artificial immunization Henning, MW 25

Calf paratyphoid III. The transmission of anti-bodies to newly-born calves Henning, MW 45

A new African tick parasite, Hunterellus theilerae sp. n. Fiedler, OGH 61

The protection of sheep against blowfly strike. I. An evaluation of certain organic insecticides Du Toit, R & Fiedler, OGH 65

Zoological Survey of the Union of South Africa. Tick survey. Part VII. Distribution of Haemaphysalis leachi, the yellow dog tick Theiler, G & Robinson, BN 83

Ticks in the South African Zoological Survey collection. Part VII. Six lesser known African Rhipicephalids Theiler, G & Robinson, BN 93

A study of the water-soluble phosphate concentration of the ruminal contents in normal and phosphorus deficient animals Clark, R 137

The cardiac glycoside from Urginea rubella Baker. Part II. Hydrolysis of rubellin and pro-rubellidin Louw, PGJ 141

The Onderstepoort small animal colony Wilson-Jones, G, Groenewald, JW & Quinlan, JB 149

Volume 26: Number 2

The parasiticidal effect of aureomycin (Lederle) on Babesia equi (Laveran 1899) in splenectomised donkeys Jansen, BC 175

The isolation of virus in mice from cases of horsesickness in immunized horses Mclntosh, BM 183

The stability of neurotropic African horsesickness virus in solutions of different chemical composition Polson, A, Van Rooy, PJ, Lawrence, SM & Dent, J 197

Comparative intradermal tests between concentrated P.P.D. and diluted P.P.D. tuberculins in relation to non-specific tuberculin reactors Fourie, PJJ 207

Report on the value of Isodrin and Endrin as potential protecting agents against blowfly strike in sheep Du Toit, R & Fiedler, OGH 221

An evaluation of the acaricidal properties of aldrin and dieldrin for the control of sheep scab Fiedler, OGH & Du Toit, R 225

Does bovine congenital porphyrinuria (pink tooth) produce clinical disturbances in an animal which is protected against the sun? Fourie, PJJ 231

The influence of enrichment of maize meal on the growth of rats Myburgh, SJ & Groenewald, JW 235

The significance of reflex salivation in relation to froth formation and acute bloat in ruminants Weiss, KE 241

Physiological studies on eructation in ruminants Weiss, KE 251

Infertility in mares caused by ovarian dysfunction Van Rensburg, SWJ & Van Heerden, JS 285

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