1956 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 27, Number 1 & 2, 1956

1956 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 27, Number 1 & 2, 1956


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Volume 27: Number 1

The experimental transmission of Theileria ovis by Rhipicephalus evertsi Jansen, BC & Neitz, WO 3

A discussion on the classification of the Theileridae Neitz, WO & Jansen, BC 7

Canine distemper-immunization with avianised virus Haig, DA 19

New species of sucking lice from South African game Fiedler, OGH & Stampa, S 55

A new method of treatment for sheep infested with the larvae of the sheep nasal-fly, Oestrus ovis. L. in the Union of South Africa Du Toit, R & Fiedler, OGH 67

The protection of sheep against blowfly strike. IV. An evaluation of certain organic phosphorus compounds Fiedler, OGH & Du Toit, R 77

Ticks in the South African Zoological Survey Collection. Part VIII. Two East African ticks Theiler, G 83

Alterations in the blood sugar and ketone levels caused by dosing acetate, propionate and butyrate into the rumen of the sheep Clark, R & Malan, JR 101

Volume 27: Number 2

A consolidation of our knowledge of the transmission of tick-borne diseases Neitz, WO 115

Complement fixation with horsesickness viruses McIntosh, BM 165

The cytopathogenic action of bluetongue virus on tissue cultures and its application to the detection of antibodies in the serum of sheep Haig, DA, McKercher, DG & Alexander, RA 171

The use of tissue culture propagated bluetongue virus for complement fixation studies on sheep sera Shone, DK, Haig, DA & McKercher, DG 179

Wesselsbron virus - a virus not previously described, associated with abortion in domestic animals Weiss, KE, Haig, DA & Alexander, RA 183

Studies on the aetiology of sweating sickness Neitz, WO 197

Strain 19 Brucella vaccine. I. Production of vaccine by the shake flask technique Van Drimmelen, GC 205

Strain 19 Brucella vaccine. II. The preparation of freeze-dried live vaccine Van Drimmelen, GC 215

Studies on tuberculosis in dogs, and on a case of human tuberculosis contracted from a dog De Kock, G & Le Roux, J 227

Zoological Survey of the Union of South Africa. Tick survey. Part IX. The distribution of the three South African Hyalommas or bontpoots Theiler, G 239

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