1938 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 10, 1938

1938 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 10, 1938


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Volume 10: Number 1

Section I: Protozoal Diseases

Surfen C. therapy in Trypanosoma congolense infection in bovines and ovines Van Rensburg, SWJ 13

Auto-sterilization in Trypanosomiases Parkin, BS 21

The occurrence of Grahamella couchi sp.n. in the multimammate mouse (Mastomys coucha) in South Africa Neitz, WO 29

The destruction of Piroplasma canis by the neutrophiles and large mononuclear leucocytes Neitz, WO 33

The occurrence of Nuttallia cynicti sp. nov. in the yellow mongoose Cynictus penicillata in South Africa Neitz, WO 37

The apperance of Bartonella muris M. Mayer 1921 in the albino and wild rat after splenectomy Neitz, WO 41

Section II: Parasitology

A monograph of the helminth parasites of the elephant Van der Westhuysen, OP 49

Section III: Mineral Metabolism and Nutrition

Protein studies - Plant proteins 1. A comparative study of the growth-promoting properties of the proteins of the peanutmeal, sesamemeal, coprameal, lucernemeal, and cottonseedmeal Smuts, DB 193

Protein studies - Plant proteins 2. The biological values of lucernemeal, sesamemeal, peanutmeal, coprameal, cottonseedmeal, and oatmeal Smuts, DB 207

Sulphur metabolism. V. The effect of elementary sulphur on fertility, reproduction and lactation in the white rat Kellermann, JH 221

Section IV: Sheep and Wool

The extraction of wool grease Rossouw, SD 229

Section V: Miscellaneous

Automatic control of fixation time of histological specimens Jackson, C 237

Volume 10: Number 2

Section I: Bacteriology

Variation in colony from the anthrax bacillus Sterne, M 245

Section II: Parasitology

South African helminths. Part II. Some taenias from wild carnivores Ortlepp, RJ 253

Section III: Mineral Metabolism and Nutrition

The assimilation of calcium and phosphorus by the growing bovine Otto, JS 281

Section IV: Plant Physiology and Poisonous Plants

Some physiological aspects of the genus Tribulus Henrich, M 367

Section V: Toxicology

On the constitution of the bitter principle "Geigerin". I. The isolation of various degradation acids De Waal, HL 395

The detection of strychnine in carcasses and corpses Steyn, DG 411

Section VI: Pathology

Quantitative studies upon porphyrin excretion in bovine congenital prophyrinuria Rimington, C 421

A further case of congenital porphy rinuria (pink tooth) in a living grade Friesland cow in South Africa (Cedara case) Fourie, PJJ 431

Section VII: Hygiene

A rapid phase test for distinguishing between carotinoid and bile staining of fat in carcasses Rimington, C 439

Section VIII: Sheep and Wool

Wool Studies. III. The uniformity of a series of fibre thickness measurements on a small sample of medium Merino wool Malan, AP 445

Section IX: Poultry Research

The influence of the protein level of the diet on the growth, egg production, egg weight, and morality of Single Comb White Leghorn pullets Bronkhorst, JJ 469

The growth promoting qualities of various protein concentrates for Leghorn chickens Bronkhorst, JJ 481

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