Norman Eaton Collection

Norman Eaton Collection


Norman Musgrave Eaton [11:10:1902 - 19:07:1966 ]
The Norman Eaton archive of the Department of Architecture comprises of personal papers, letters and other autobiographical memorabilia, photo albums and drawings and other records of projects. The drawings resort in the Archive of the Department and form the nucleus of the Department's Archive. The donation was made by Prof Tobie Louw, inaugural head of the Department of Quantity Surveying, friend, colleague and business partner of Norman Eaton, heir and trustee of the collection. Anton du Toit, then member of staff of the Department, instigated that the collection be donated to the Department as inception of the Archive. With the launching of the UPSpace endeavour all photographs and diaries are now lodged in the Pretoriana Room, Special Collections Unit, Merensky Library.

SA Artefacts: Norman Eaton

The MArch(Prof) Dissertation by Marguerite Pienaar on Norman Eaton is available at :The Norman Eaton legacy : a critical architectural appraisal of the documentation of his domestic oeuvre

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