Salsola tuberculatiformis

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dc.contributor.other University of Pretoria. Faculty of Veterinary Science. Dept. of Paraclinical Sciences. Section Pharmacology and Toxicology
dc.coverage.spatial Africa en
dc.coverage.spatial South Africa en 2009-02-27T10:28:32Z 2009-02-27T10:28:32Z 2002
dc.description Colour photos. Final web-ready size: JPEG. Photo 1: 17.5 kb, 180 ppi; Photo 2: 7.88 kb, 72 ppi; Photo 3: 53.3 kb, 180 ppi. Original TIFF file housed at the Dept. of Paraclinical Sciences, Section Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Pretoria. en
dc.description.abstract DISTRIBUTION: Occurs in a wide range of dry habitats – plains, depressions and brackish soil. Very drought resistant. en
dc.description.abstract BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION: General: A shrublet, which resembles a dome when browsed, like a large cauliflower, but it loses this appearance when it is not browsed. When browsed, the branches sometimes end in sharp points. Young shoots are densely hairy. Leaves:Small tubercular leaves are compressed along the stems. The colour varies according to the time of year and the locality where it is found. Flowers: The small membranous flowers are borne in groups at the ends of short twigs. Pale pink at first, later turning yellow. September - April. Fruit: The small fruit contains a single, flat, winged seed. en
dc.description.abstract TOXIC PRINCIPLE: The active principle is not known. It is suspected that it inhibits foetal hypothalamic releasing factors, which regulate secretion of adenohypophyseal hormones causing an imbalance of the hormones involved in the birth process. en
dc.description.abstract SYNDROMES: Afflictions of reproductive system or foetus. Grootlamsiekte. en
dc.description.abstract SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Urogenital system. en
dc.description.abstract CLINICAL SIGNS: Ewe: • Poorly developed udder - non-lactating or little milk • Enlarged abdomen - in outspoken cases pregnancy extended from normal 5 months to as much as 7 months Thus dystocia common. • Ovaries inactive - no follicular activity • Foetal membranes and amniotic fluid olive green Lamb: • Lethargic and weak. High neonatal mortality. • Post maturity • Birth weight up to 12 kg • Pelt of Karakul too long - no curl • Overgrown hooves • Erupted incisors. en
dc.description.abstract NECROPSY: Adreno-hypophyseal atrophy. Generalised olive-green pigmentation. Polyfollicular ovaries and female genitalia increased in size. Mild testicular hypoplasia. en
dc.description.abstract TREATMENT: • Oxytocin - effective up to 170 days; Oestrogen; PGF2a• Caesarean section - consider cost-effectiveness Control and evasion: • Avoid badly infested veld - especially during last half of pregnancy • Supplement feeding. en
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dc.identifier.citation Botha, CJ & Venter, E 2002, 'Plants poisonous to livestock Southern Africa (CD-ROM)' University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Dept. of Paraclinical Sciences, Section Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pretoria, South Africa. en
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dc.source Original format: University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science. en
dc.subject Plant poisoning en
dc.subject Toxicology en
dc.subject Plant poisoning in animals en
dc.subject Poisonous plants en
dc.subject Grootlamsiekte af
dc.subject Reproductive system en
dc.subject Hormones en
dc.subject.lcsh Poisonous plants -- Toxicology -- Africa, Southern en
dc.subject.lcsh Veterinary toxicology en
dc.title Salsola tuberculatiformis en
dc.title.alternative Cauliflower saltwort en
dc.title.alternative Blomkoolganna af
dc.title.alternative Blomkoolbossie af
dc.title.alternative Koolganna af
dc.title.alternative Bosganna af
dc.title.alternative Salsola tuberculata en
dc.type Still Image en

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