Arnold Theiler Memorial Lectures

Arnold Theiler Memorial Lectures


Collection of presentations from

Collection of presentations from invited speakers on Faculty day, a special, dedicated occasion which focuses on the research activities of the Faculty of Veterinary Science.

Sir Arnold Theiler Memorial Lectures
1984. T. Gutsche Theiler - His Personal Significance Today
1985 Prof HPA De Boom Vlammende Fakkels, Ou bene, Ivoortorings en Rooi Vlae
1986 Prof BC Jansen Theiler Gedenklesing
1987 Opening of the Sir Arnold Theiler Building - No Lecture
1988 Dr RD Bigalke Important Requirements for Future Animal Production-Orientated Research with Particular Reference to Veterinary Science
1989 Dr R Swanepoel -
1990 Dr A Schutte The Impact of Controlled Breeding on the Cattle industry in Southern Africa
1991 Prof DM Joubert Sir Arnold Theilergedenklesing - Theiler en die Fakulteit Veeartsenykunde
1992 Dr CM Cameron The Environment - Whose Responsibility
1993 Opening of the Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital - No Lecture
1994 Dr W Plowright Rinderpest and Cell-Culture Revolution
1995 Prof WL Jenkins -
1996 Prof PV Tobais Premature Discoveries in Science
1997 Prof DL Block Our Universe: Accident or Design
1998 Prof TW Naude A Stroll Through the Wondrous Garden of South African Toxicology
1999 - -
2000 Dr DW Verwoerd The Molecular Revolution in Biology and its Influence on Veterinary Science
2001 Prof H Huismans Molecular Biology and its Impact on the Study and Control of Viral Diseases such as Bluetongue and African Horse Sickness
2002 Prof I Horak The Joy of Research
2003 Prof WFO Marasas Fumonisins: Historical Perspective and Future Objectives"
2004 Dr RA Kock Wildlife/Domestic Animal Disease Interface - Hard of Soft Edge?
2005 Prof SS van den Berg The Past, Present and Future of the Clinical Departments in the Faculty of Veterinary Science
2006 Dr BD Perry The Global Poverty Reduction Agenda: What are the Implications for Animal Health Research and Development
2007 Prof Dr AWCA Cornelissen What Makes and Excellent Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
2008 Dr G Bruckner New Challenges for the Veterinary Profession in Global Animal Diseases Control and the Trade in Animals and Animal Products
2009 Prof P Doherty Adventures in Infection and Immunity
2010 Dr R Moerane The Role of the Veterinary Profession within the Current Development Agenda in the Republic of South Africa
2011 World Veterinary Congress - No Lecture
2012 Prof N James MacLachlan Emerging viral diseases : the example of bluetongue from Theiler to climate change
2013 Prof Marian C. Horzinek A Personal Journey Through Coronavirus Evolution
2014 Prof Louis J. Guillette Predisposition for Health or Disease : the 'new' Genetics of Environmental Health
2015 Prof Graham J. Louw Mummification – a glimpse into the sociocultural aspects of the preservation of the bodies of domesticated animals
2016 Prof Lucille Blumberg One Health: a decade of shared experiences and benefits
2017 Prof Robert Gilbert The Research Imperative


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