An innovative travel model system for western cape

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dc.description Papers presented virtually at the 39th International Southern African Transport Conference on 05 -07 July 2021
dc.description.abstract In 2018, the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works retained Bentley Systems (formerly Citilabs) and Esri SA to develop the Western Cape Land Use/Transportation Interaction model. This model provides the ability to test a wide variety of demographic and multimodal transport system changes in support of a new performance-based planning process. This model is innovative and unique in several respects: 1) It is an integrated person travel/goods movement/land use forecasting process, in which the transport system influences growth, which in turn influences the system. 2) The person travel model uses the new type of tour-based structure. Instead of zonal averages, choice probabilities are used to simulate the decisions of individual travellers. 3) Land use is modelled applying bid-rent mechanics to achieve an equilibrium between real estate supply and demand and accounts for informal development. 4) The goods movement component uses a commodity flow model, translating macroeconomic and demographic data into the flow of material by mode and estimating truck travel on roads. Developing a new travel model usually requires significant data on demographics and existing travel patterns, which is largely unavailable in South Africa. Thus, the models are crafted from a combination of local information and behaviour transferred from other areas. The household synthesis component was calibrated from Stats SA data. Demand is estimated using several components: tour frequency, destination choice, mode choice, intermediate stops, time of day, and trip assignment. The model is developed using Cube software. As of mid-2020, the model system was calibrated, tested, and documented. The project’s final year will see some enhancements, more testing, and additional staff training.
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dc.title An innovative travel model system for western cape
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