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dc.contributor.author Van der Colff, F.J.
dc.date.accessioned 2020-12-29T11:27:25Z
dc.date.available 2020-12-29T11:27:25Z
dc.date.issued 1982
dc.description a. Auditory tube b. Tensor veli palatini muscle c. Levator veli palatini muscle d. Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle e. Buccinator muscle f. Styloglossus muscle g. Stylohyoid muscle h. Hyoglossus muscle i. Posterior belly of digastric muscle j. Obliquus capitis inferior muscle k. Obliquus capitis inferior muscle l. Levator scapulae muscle m. Zygomatic arch n. Spine of sphenoid o. Lateral pterygoid plate p. Internal jugular vein q. Internal carotid artery r. External carotid artery s. Lingual and facial artery (joint origin from external carotid artery – not normal) t. Facial artery u. Occipital artery v. Ascending pharyngeal artery w. Accessory artery x. Hypoglossal nerve y. Vagus nerve z. Eardrum
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/2263/77550
dc.subject a.    Auditory tube
dc.subject b.    Tensor veli palatini muscle
dc.subject c.    Levator veli palatini muscle
dc.subject d.    Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
dc.subject e.    Buccinator muscle
dc.subject f.     Styloglossus muscle
dc.subject g.    Stylohyoid muscle
dc.subject h.    Hyoglossus muscle
dc.subject i.      Posterior belly of digastric muscle
dc.subject j.      Obliquus capitis inferior muscle
dc.subject k.    Obliquus capitis inferior muscle
dc.subject l.      Levator scapulae muscle
dc.subject m.  Zygomatic arch
dc.subject n.    Spine of sphenoid
dc.subject o.    Lateral pterygoid plate
dc.subject p.    Internal jugular vein
dc.subject q.    Internal carotid artery
dc.subject r.     External carotid artery
dc.subject s.    Lingual and facial artery (joint origin from external carotid artery – not normal)
dc.subject t.     Facial artery
dc.subject u.    Occipital artery
dc.subject v.    Ascending pharyngeal artery
dc.subject w.   Accessory artery
dc.subject x.    Hypoglossal nerve
dc.subject y.    Vagus nerve
dc.subject z.    Eardrum
dc.title 29.KN.15 AUDITORY TUBE

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