Culinary practices : preparation techniques and consumption of Basotho cereal breads in Lesotho

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dc.description.abstract Lesotho is a small country (30,350 with about 2.233 million population), completely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. The people of the Kingdom of Lesotho are referred to as Basotho. This study aimed to investigate the culinary practices with regard to traditional Basotho bread, thus serving as a basis for documenting an aspect of Basotho traditional food knowledge. The study was conducted in five districts of Lesotho using focus groups, each consisting of ten housewives in each district, and face-to-face interviews with 253 women respondents who completed a questionnaire related to their knowledge, preparation and consumption of traditional Basotho bread. Recipes for ten traditional Basotho breads were obtained during five focus group sessions. The survey revealed that most of the respondents (99%) prepare bread at a household level using wheat flour. A few (15%) use maize flour and sorghum flour is used by only (5%). The main preparation steps were identified as sorting, cleaning of grains, dry milling and/or wet milling, mixing ingredients, fermentation and cooking. Bread is used for household consumption and social functions, such as weddings and funerals. This paper documents the culinary practices for ten Basotho breads from maize, wheat and sorghum. Research geared to the improvement of the quality characteristics of maize and sorghum breads should be given the highest priority to encourage the use of local ingredients. en_ZA
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dc.identifier.citation Nkhabutlane, P., De Kock, H.L. & Du Rand, G.E. 2019, 'Culinary practices : preparation techniques and consumption of Basotho cereal breads in Lesotho', Journal of Ethnic Foods, vol. 6, art. 12, pp. 1-11. en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn 2352-6181 (print)
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dc.identifier.other 10.1186/s42779-019-0012-8
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dc.subject Culinary practices en_ZA
dc.subject Traditional Basotho bread en_ZA
dc.title Culinary practices : preparation techniques and consumption of Basotho cereal breads in Lesotho en_ZA
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