Tree of Knowledge (Department of Library Services)

Tree of Knowledge (Department of Library Services)


The theme of the marketing event of the Academic Information Service (17 - 31 August 2006) is the "Tree of Knowledge". We decided on the Baobab tree, also known as the Kremetart tree. The Baobab tree could just as well be called the "upside down tree". The Arabians have a legend that the tree was plugged out of the ground and put back with its roots upright.

The coming of the electronic age turned the world in its own way upside down. The movement and network of electronic information glue the separate countries together to form a much "smaller" world - the global age.

The botanic name of the only species of the tree found in Africa is called the Adansonia Digitata. A Frenchmen, Mr Andanson, discovered the species. The digitata refers to the cluster of five fingers which the leaves typically form. The e-service of the Academic Information Service has a cluster of e-products that can be linked to each other but also have a purpose of its own.

The Academic Information Service therefore will, during this exhibition, try to cluster its e-services into five groups.

During the marketing event the Academic Information Service will present to you our many e-products which form a network of information. The knowledge gained by using these products are used by both the staff and students of the university to enhance their research, teaching and learning.

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Recent Submissions

  • Hammes, Monica M.P. (2006-09-05)
    openUP is the collection of e-prints of peer reviewed and published research articles by staff, students and other affiliates of the University of Pretoria, brought together on the UPSpace platform to make our research ...
  • Swanepoel, Marie; Buys, Marieta (2006-08-24)
    Presentation prepared for the E Marketing Exhibition on the workflow and retrieval of exam papers on UPExplore
  • Groenewald, M.E.; Marais, Wilna (2006-08-24)
    Presentation prepared by the Unit for Special Needs for the E marketing Exhibition
  • Engelbrecht, Magda; Theron, Francois; Smith, Ina (2006-08-21)
    Photos from the library e-product marketing event, 17 August 2006. For more photos, please contact
  • Lourens, Antoinette; Groenewald, Hettie; Olivier, Elsabé; Groenewald, M.E.; Hammes, Monica M.P.; Kruger, D.J. (2006-08-17)
    Presentation prepared for the eMarketing exhibition at the University of Pretoria, of the collections currently available on the UPSpace Institutional Repository.