The politics of disembarkation : empire, shipping and labor in the port of Durban, 1897-1947

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dc.description.abstract This article examines the labor politics of race in Durban harbor between 1897 and 1947. It approaches the subject from an analysis of labor in a global, and particularly a British Empire, context. The article aims to move away from a solely “national” focus on the South African state and instead to look “up” toward connections to the British Empire, the world economy, and global social and political movements, and “down” towards Durban itself. These large scale (imperial and global) and small scale (city) levels were very concretely connected by Durban's role as a port. This article contends that in order to understand the place of working class Durban in an imperial world, we need to incorporate the shipping industry into other labor histories, studying how the movement of vessels and the actions of seafarers concretely linked these spatial levels. This article provides a broad overview of the sociological “shape” of the Durban working class and focuses on four “moments” of racialized labor in Durban harbor: the riot against M.K. Gandhi in 1897, the British seamen's strike of 1925, the insurgency of black dockworkers in the late 1920s and early 1930s, and the conflicts over the presence of Indian seamen in the port during the Second World War. These events revolved around what is here called a politics of disembarkation, in which the joining of the ship to the world of the shore created a zone of conflict. en_ZA
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dc.identifier.citation Hyslop, J. 2018, 'The politics of disembarkation : empire, shipping and labor in the port of Durban, 1897-1947', International Labor and Working-Class History, vol. 93, pp. 176-200. en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn 0147-5479 (print)
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dc.identifier.other 10.1017/S0147547917000254
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dc.publisher Cambridge University Press en_ZA
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dc.subject White laborism en_ZA
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dc.subject Labor politics of race en_ZA
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dc.subject British Empire en_ZA
dc.subject World economy en_ZA
dc.subject Social movements en_ZA
dc.subject Political movements en_ZA
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dc.subject Politics of disembarkation en_ZA
dc.title The politics of disembarkation : empire, shipping and labor in the port of Durban, 1897-1947 en_ZA
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