Conferences (Eduvate 2008 Conference)

Conferences (Eduvate 2008 Conference)


Conference hosted by the Department for Education Innovation, University of Pretoria. EDUVATE 2008 - Education Innovation Quest: A Century in the Service of Knowledge, 25 Jun 2008 - 27 Jun 2008.


Du Plessis, G. Introduction to keynote speakers
Fresen, J. Welcome
Melck, A. Opening address
Keynote Addresses
Bates, Tony Why universities must change : the challenge of technology
Binedell, Nick Learning and the competitive advantage of nations i n the age of turbulence and change
Laurillard, Diana Enhancing learning through engaging teachers as innovators
Panel Discussion
Thomas, H., Haupt, Sanet, Goodwin-Davey, Alice & Van der Merwe, Herman Models and structures to support teaching and learning
Teaching, learning and assessment
Abrie, A.L. Student teachers' attitudes towards and readiness to teach evolution in a changing South African environment
Bender, C.J.G. Century pathways of change for curricular community engagement at the University of Pretoria
Boaduo, N. A-P. Meeting the challenges of twenty-first century higher education teaching through research
Conteh, B.G. & Moanakwena, P.G. Using peer and self assessment during group tasks
Du Toit, P. Innovative academic staff development initiatives at FET colleges
Du Toit, P. Living the theory of action research and learning style flexibility
Haupt, S. Wanted : superstars to teach large classes
Meger, Z. 6th generation of distance learning
Ravhudzulo, A. Re-imagining student support : a strategy for facilitating student success i n open and distance learning
Schoeman, J. A dedicated problem-based learning module in the pre-clinical veterinary curriculum
Seretse, T.E. & Monkgogi, S. Exploring the potential of authentic assessment i n multi-faith religious education
Steyn, B. Towards i mproving the reliability and fairness of assessment of Masters dissertations : a case study
Enhancing teaching and learning with technology
Bates, T. The i mplications of Web 2.0 for teaching and learning
Chibaya, C. Computer skills for university entrants
Drysdale, E. & Fresen, J. Facilitation of e-learning : the good, the bad and the ugly
Joubert, J.C. A model Early Childhood Development classroom enhances teaching and learning i n higher education
Miller, J.D. & Porter, J.S. Building paths to peace : educational technology and peace education
Molelu, G.B. & Thomas, P.Y. E-learning adoption at the University of Botswana
Mostert, E., De Bruyn, E. & Pretorius, G. Technology : a versatile tool for objective assessment
Nagel, L., Haupt, S. & Jorissen, H.W. Surviving death by PowerPoint
Rammupudu, M.J., Jacobs, G. & Vilakazi, B. Is student training i n web-supported learning justified?
Steyn, L. Implementing e-learning i nto open distance learning : bringing Unisa into the 21st century
Thomas, H. Learning spaces, learning environments and the dis'placement' of learning
Thomas, K. Interactive electronic textbooks : do they have a place i n a developing South Africa?
Education Innovation
Dippenaar, A.J.F. Community based learning as part of teacher training
Du Plessis, G.I. Getting policy ducks i n a row : e-alignment of assessment policies, guidelines, regulations and best practices
Feisst, M. Making online student services more user friendly
Goodwin-Davey, A. The missing link for online learning educators : staff support and development
Lauwrens, J. Sight seeing i n Art History and Visual Communication
Lemmens, J-C. Retention of first year students : a retention model
Massyn, L. A teaching and learning manager?! What exactly do you do?
Mothibamele, T.M. An evaluation of conversational skills at the University of Botswana
Namalima, S.K. Evaluation of the Malawi technical education sector
Rikers, J.H.A.N. Open educational resources : a European perspective
Van der Bank, A. & Fresen, J.W. Re-curriculation of an Advanced Certificate for Distance Education
Zsilavecz, U. & Kriek, H. A diversified approach i n obtaining optimum student feedback on practical models

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