1937 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 8, 1937

1937 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 8, 1937



Volume 8: Number 1

Section I: Protozoal Diseases

Bovine theileriasis in South Africa with special reference to Theileria mutans De Kock, G, Van Heerden, CJ, Du Toit, R & Neitz, WO 9

Section II: Virus Diseases

Observations on bluetongue in cattle and sheep De Kock, G, Du Toit, R & Neitz, WO 129

Section III: Parasitology

Observations on the morphology and life-history of Gaigeria pachyscelis Raill. and Henry, 1910 : a hookworm parasite of sheep and goats Ortlepp, RJ 183

Investigations into the transmission of horsesickness at Onderstepoort during the season 1932-1933 Nieschulz, O & Du Toit, RM 213

Volume 8: Number 2

Section IV: Bacteriology

Variation in Bacillus anthracis Sterne, M 271

Salmonella bovis-morbificans (Basenau) from an outbreak of food-poisoning in the Cape Province Henning, MW & Greenfield, EC 351

Section V: Mineral Metabolism and Nutrition

Studies in mineral metabolism. XXXVI. Fluorine metabolism in rats and bovines Du Toit, PJ, Smuts, DB & Malan, AI 359

Studies in mineral metabolism XXXVII. The influence of variations in the dietary phosphorus and in the Ca:P ratio on the production of rickets in cattle Theiler, A, Du Toit, PJ & Malan, AI 375

Section VI: Sex Physiology

Studies in sex physiology no. 18. On the growth of the gravid uterus in the Merino Malan, AP & Curson, HH 417

Section VII: Surgery

Bone biopsy as an aid to the study and diagnosis of deficiency diseases Thomas, AD & Van der Wath, JG 431

Section VIII: Chemical Blood Studies

Chemical blood studies. VII. A serial study over a 12 months period of some organic and inorganic constituents in "laked" and "unlaked" blood filtrates of healthy bovines between 15 and 27 months old Hamersma, PJ 443

Section IX: Miscellaneous

Anatomical studies no. 62. On the effect of debudding on skull conformation Curson, HH 487

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Subject index 504

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