1941 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 16, 1941

1941 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 16, 1941


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Volume 16: Numbers 1 & 2

Section I: Virus Diseases

The transmission of tick-bite fever by the dog tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Labr. Neitz, WO, Alexander, RA & Mason, JH 9

Studies on the neurotropic virus of horsesickness. VII. Transmitted immunity Alexander, RA & Mason, JH 19

The particle size of African horsesickness virus as determined by ultrafiltration and ultracentrifugation Polson, A 33

The electrophoresis of the neurotropic virus of horsesickness and its neutralizing antibodies in low concentration Polson, A 51

Section II: Bacteriology

The diagnosis of chronic streptococcus mastitis: reaction, chlorine, methylene blue and Hotis tests, and microscopic examination Van Rensburg, SWJ 69

Further studies on the antigenic structure of paratyphoid bacilli with special reference to three new species of Salmonella Henning, MW, Rhodes, WF & Gordon-Johnstone, J 103

Section III: Parasitology

Description of a tick Rhipicephalus glabroscutatum, sp. nov., (Ixodidae) from the Karroo areas of the Union of South Africa Du Toit, R 115

Section IV: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Recent investigations into the toxicity of known and unknown poisonous plants in the Union of South Africa. XI Steyn, DG & Van der Walt, SJ 121

South African Senecio alkaloids. Part 5. Notes on Isatidine, Rosmarinine and Pterophine, and on the structure of their necines and necic acids De Waal, HL 149

Section V: Nutrition

The endogenous nitrogen metabolism of pigs with special reference to the maintenance protein requirement Du Toit, BA & Smuts, DB 169

A study on the possibility of cystine synthesis in the rumen of sheep together with the effect of cystine supplementation on the nitrogen utilization of lucerne in young stock Smuts, DB, Du Toit, BA & Van der Wath, JG 181

The nutritive value of animal proteins: the biological values of fishmeal, whale and fishmeal, meatmeal, meat and bonemeal, crayfishmeal, and white fishmeal Du Toit, BA & Smuts, DB 191

The carotene content of some South African feeds Myburgh, SJ 199

Section VI: Sex Physiology

Bionomic studies on cattle in the semi-arid regions of the Union of South Africa. IV. The ovarian cycle of heifers during summer Quinlan, J, Bisschop, JHR & Adelaar, TF 213

Sex-physiology of sheep. Studies on the nature of the onset of oestrus in ewes following a period of sexual inactivity Quinlan, J, Steyn, HP & De Vos, D 243

Observations on artificial insemination of sheep with fresh and stored semen Quinlan, J & Steyn, HP 263

A preliminary note on the temperature of the scrotal skin of the bull and its relation to air, skin, and body temperature Quinlan, J & Riemerschmid, G 299

Section VII: Pathology

A note on the influence of a bloodmeal ration on porphyrin excretion in normal bovines Roets, GCS 315

Section VIII: Zootechny

Growth of the Albino rat with special reference to the influence of environment Murray, GN 331

Section IX: Wool Research

Studies on the basic characteristics of South African Merino wool IV. Scaliness Bosman, V & Van Wyk, CM 543

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