Mapungubwe Collection Repository

Mapungubwe Collection Repository


UPSpace serves as a digital research repository for the Mapungubwe Collection and its archive, curated by the University of Pretoria Museums. This on-line electronic resource is made available for the use of researchers, the general public, educators, learners, students, and those interested in obtaining research information about the Mapungubwe archaeological collection. </p>Contact Details: University of Pretoria Museums </a> href/<""> </p> </p>Physical Address: University of Pretoria, Mapungubwe Museum, Old Arts Building 2nd Floor, Lynnwood Road, Pretoria 0002, South Africa </p>

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Recent Submissions

  • Tiley-Nel, Sian; Woodbourne, S.; Pienaar, M. (Journal of African Archaeology, 2009)
    This paper presents direct dating evidence for the manufacture of some of the gold artefacts from the Iron Age archaeological site of Mapungubwe Hill (South Africa). The results confirm that the artefacts are contemporaneous ...
  • Tiley-Nel, Sian (Chris Van Rensburg Publishing PTY (Ltd), 2011)
    The history of the Mapungubwe archaeological collection is fragmentary and complicated, beginning with the unpublished archival sources, where valuable information is hidden in the depths of hundreds of historical documents. ...
  • Tiley-Nel, Sian; Botha, Hazel (Routledge, 2013-03)
    The basic objective of this article is to elucidate the conservation of the African Iron Age Mapungubwe gold collection from South Africa which is curated by the University of Pretoria. This nationally significant ...
  • Steyn, Maryna (South African Archaeological Society, 2007)
    The Mapungubwe graves were discovered and excavated in the 1930s. Owing to a number of factors, very little information on these graves is available today. In this paper we present and discuss information found in the ...
  • Steyn, Maryna; Binneman, Johan; Loots, Marius (South African Archaeological Society, 2007)
    This paper reports and discusses the morphological analysis of the mummified human remains found during 1999 in a rock shelter in the Kouga Mountains near Joubertina, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. The upper part of ...
  • Meyer, Andrie (South African Archaeological Bulletin, 2007-12)
    In Memorium of Professor Hannes Eloff,1918-2007 Founder of Archaeology at the University of Pretoria, an obituary written by Professor Andrie Meyer a former Head of the Department of Archaeology and student.`These stone ...
  • Prinsloo, Linda Charlotta; Colomban, Philippe; Carr, Alan (Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2007-10-09)
    Oblate seed beads excavated on Mapungubwe hill, an Iron Age site in South Africa, were analyzed using raman microscopy and supportive techniques to determine the glass technology and pigments used to produce the beads. ...
  • Steyn, Maryna; Nienaber, Willem C.; Hutten, Louisa; Loots, Marius; University of Pretoria. Dept. of Anatomy (University of Pretoria, 2006-11-23)
    K2 is an Iron Age site approximately 1 km from Mapungubwe in South Africa. Archaeological excavations were conducted here between 1995 and 1999, intending to differentiate between stock enclosure, midden and living area ...
  • Keough, Natalie; Nienaber, Willem C.; Linden, J.; University of Pretoria. Dept. of Anatomy; Natal Museum (Pietermaritzburg) (University of Pretoria, 2006-08-14)
    A poster on the un-worked and semi-worked pieces of calcite crystals collected at Mapungubwe during the 2003 (or Phase III) Mapungubwe Stabilization Project.
  • Steyn, Maryna; Smith, J.R. (Elsevier, 2007-09)
    When human skeletal remains of unknown individuals are analysed, the estimation of ante-mortem stature forms a key part of the report. However, for many people it may be difficult to judge the height of their missing ...
  • Unknown (Pretoria: University of Pretoria, 1998)
    A view of Excavation JS 2(b) on the Southern Terrace viewed from the south in 1934
  • Young, R.B. (2007-01-10)
    Young writes to Fouche with suggestions re appointment of suitably trained archaeologist to work at Mapungubwe
  • University of Pretoria (2007-01-10)
    University of Pretoria authorizes Fouche on its behalf to negotiate with the discoverers of Mapungubwe (Van Graan et al)with regard to remuneration for reporting the discovery
  • Stanley, G.H. (2007-01-10)
    Report by G.H. Stanley on Mapungubwe metals (mainly gold) sent to him
  • Accountant, University of Pretoria (2007-01-10)
    Advance to Fouche to cover travelling expenses for his visit to Collins to negotiate purchasing of Greefswald
  • UP legal representatives (2007-01-10)
    Draft agreement between the University of Pretoria and Mr E.E. Collins re the purchasing of Greefswald
  • Fouche, Leo (2007-01-10)
    Prof. Fouche writes to the Rector of the University of Pretoria to clarify various matters before leaving to negotiate the purchasing of Greefswald on the University's behalf
  • Du Toit, A.H. (2007-01-10)
    The Rector of the University of Pretoria writes to Prof. Fouche requesting him to find a suitably trained archaeologist to work at Mapungubwe
  • Van Graan, Jerry Cornelius Olivier (2007-01-10)
    Van Graan's handwritten account of the discovery of Mapungubwe
  • Fouche, Leo (2007-01-10)
    Letter from Prof. Fouche to the Rector of the University of Pretoria informing him of an agreement with the Cape Argus re media rights to the story of the discovery of Mapungubwe

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