35th Annual Southern African Transport Conference 2016

35th Annual Southern African Transport Conference 2016


Contents Pages: 35th Annual Southern African Transport Conference 2016

Session Index

Plenary Presentations

The Public Transport Integration Challenge : what Role for the Fiscal System?

Ngqaleni, Malijeng 3

The Importance of the Road Infrastructure Development in the Socio - Economic Growth of Chile

De Solminihac, H. 3

Initiatives to Improve Heavy Vehicle Transport Safety and Efficiency in Australia

Bruzsa, Laszlo 3

Session 1A: Infrastructure

A process to assess the condition of South Africa's transport fixed infrastructure

Wall, K.; Rust, C.; Kistan, K. 3

Role of high-level project professionals' perceptions on quality processes in directing the investigation of causes of premature pavement distresses : an exploratory study

Mgangira, M.; Das, S.; O'Connell, J. 7

Proposed alternative to assist current overload operations in South Africa

De Coning, A.; Hoffman, A.J. 29

Long-term performance of flexible pavements with cold-recycled asphalt base layer

Zou, X.; Tan, S.; Wang, D.; Liu, L.; Zou, Y.; Yu, X. 41

Laboratory investigation of the performance properties of hot mix asphalt containing waste glass

Anochie-Boateng, J.K.; George, T.B.; 53

The cost-effective upgrading, preservation and rehabilitation of roads - optimising the use of available technologies

Jordaan, G.; Kilian, A. 65

Review on the lime-soil stabilization as one of the successful technologies used in the improvement of road-soil-pavement layers strength

Bhengu, P.; Allopi, D. 81

Session 1B: Rural Transport

Assessing the potential benefits of road infrastructure development for poverty alleviation : lessons learnt from developing economies

Schachtebeck, C.; Mbuya, J.M. 109

An exploratory analysis of constraints and impediments at South African land ports of entry

Mashiri, M.; Chakwizira, J. 129

KSD IRTP : planning & delivering more integrated & sustainable rural access systems

Mashiri, M.; Mpondo, B.; Chakwizira, J.; Mdunge, D. 137

Investigation into the phenomenon of reduced household travel survey derived trip generation rates in Gauteng province

Nkosi, M.; Masuku, F. 161

The significance of non-motorised transport interventions : a case study of greater Sekhukhune, Limpopo province, South Africa

Mokitimi, M.; VanderSchuren, M.J.W.A. (Marianne) 219

Soft systems methodology as a potential approach to understanding non-motorised transport users in South Africa

Van Rooyen, C.E.; Labuschagne, F.J.J. 303

How government should invest & provinces should implement on accessible education : an evamix focus on benchmarking & transport

Mokwena, O. 317

Session 1C: Traffic Engineering

Futuristic intelligent transportation system architecture for sustainable road transportation in developing countries

Das, D.; Tom, S.; Honiball, J. 333

Possible impacts of ICT based demand-responsive public transportation schemes in the Free State

Bashingi, N.; Mostafa Hassan, M. 345

Evaluation of parking provisions within the eThekwini region

Padayachee, N.; Sunker, N. 439

Session 2A: Infrastructure

The effect of trafficking on the rheological properties of binder recovered from a one year old road

O'Connell, J.; Mturi, G.; Komba, J. 451

Modelling vertical uniform contact stress of heavy vehicle tyres

Steenkamp, A.J.; Berman, R.; Benade, R. 541

Calculation of condition indices for road structures using a deduct points method

Roux, M.P.; Taute, A. 547

Long-term pavement performance experiments : a personal experience

Netterberg, F. 563

Self-cementing properties of recycled concrete aggregate and masonry

Rudman, C. 619

The influence of road condition on the shelf-life of tomatoes

Pretorius, C.J. 633

Application of the MMLS3 for evaluating the performance of surfacing seals

Abrahams, S. 647

Session 2B: Urban and Public Transport

A kilometre-based road user charge system : proof of concept study

Van Rensburg, J.; Krygsman, S. 673

Trip utility and the value of travel time savings (VTTS) for commuter trips : critique and recent advances

Hayes, G.; Venter, C. 689

Mapping the informal public transport network in Kampala with smartphones : making sense of an organically evolved chaotic system in an emerging city in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ndibatya, I.; Coetzee, J.; Booysen, M.J. 692

Using data smartly ? moving towards a smart city

Aucamp, A.; Pearton, M.; Jansen van Rensburg, S. 692

An analysis of South African long distance passenger transport : cross-border passenger movements

Thoso, M.; Chibira, E. 692

A route towards sustainable transport in South Africa

Bosman, J.; Slabbert, G.F.B. 692

Perspectives on the future of personal transport in South Africa

Stander, H.J.; Brink, J.C. 692

"Go George" (GIPTN) : provision of public transport fixed infrastructure, and move towards providing universal access compliant pedestrian environments

Robertson, E.J.; Aboo, S.; Daniels, L. 692

Pedestrian information signs : a case study in accessible information for signalised crossings in Cape Town, South Africa

Meder, M.; Smit, S.; Davies, G. 692

European models for PRASA skills development

Wall, K.; Bird, A.; Blanco-Rodriguez, P.; Kondowe, N. 692

Session 2C: Traffic Management, Safety and Security

Road safety 'results focus' - ready to launch?

Labuschagne, F.J.J.; Venter, Karien 692

Exploring the impact of crime on road safety in South Africa

Wright, G.; Ribbens, H. 692

Optimal use of existing freeway management surveillance infrastructure on pedestrian bridges with computer vision techniques

Van der Merwe, H.; Booysen, M.; Andersen, S. 692

Importance of safety features to new car buyers in South Africa

Khan, M.; Sinclair, M. 692

Assessing the roll stability of heavy vehicles in South Africa

Benade, R.; Berman, R.; Kienhofer, F.; Nordengen, P. 692

Indications of high levels of inattentive and distracted driving in South Africa

Venter, Karien; Labuschagne, F.J.J.; Phasha, S.; Gxowa, S.; Khoza, S. 692

Improving safety in the road transport sector through road user behaviour changing interventions : a look at challenges and prospects

Moyana, H.; Chibira, E. 692

European models for PRASA skills development

Wall, K.; Bird, A.; Blanco-Rodriguez, P.; Kondowe, N. 692

The harmonisation of traffic legislation in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Yesefu, S. 692

Evaluation of accessibility challenges of public parks in residential areas of South African cities - a case study of Bloemfontein City

Das, D.; Honiball, J. 692

Session 2D: Freight and Logistics

The impact of the port of Durban on the city’s road network

Mulla, A.; Bester, C. 692

Social media within global logistics providers : perceptions from the generation X cohort

Albanis, E.; Gaitskill, C.L.; Schachtebeck, C. 692

Development of a vehicle load control strategy for Malawi for the period 2016 to 2020

Roux, M.P.; Lotter, S.; Nordengen, P.A. 692

Monitoring overloaded vehicles : improving traffic control centre performance by using management information systems

Muronga, K.; Sallie, I.; De Franca, V.; Nieuwoudt, A. 692

Analysis of available capacity and progress made within SADC in respect to liberalising market access in road freight industry

Mdlankomo, B. 692

Session 3A: NMT Workshop

UNEP global NMT policy gap analysis : introduction and preliminary findings

Jennings, G. 692

What did we learn from the eco-mobility festival?

Engelbrecht, M.; Peers, V.; Mokitimi, M. 692

Barriers to cycling in informal settlements

Irlam, J. 692

WWF transport project's low carbon challenges in Tshwane and Johannesburg: video, evaluation and findings

Naude, L. 692

Infrastructure development : bicycle-based Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD)

Cooke, S. 692

The role of policy in shaping the public image everyday cycling

Morgan, N. 692

Session 3B: Aviation

Lessons learnt : from 1time to skywise

Henama, U.; Sifolo, P. 692

The implementation of the Wonderboom Airport Development Plan - a catalyst for economic empowerment

Jordaan, G.; Kleynhans, H. 692

Session 4A: IPTN Workshop

Are we giving BRT passengers what they want? User preference and market segmentation in Johannesburg

Venter, C. 692

Marketing public transport projects

Butchart, S. 692

Electric bus technology : how will electric bus technology change the way in which public transport networks are operated, managed and subsidised? Or is this just a far-off dream?

Jordaan, W. 692

Uber : expanding the way we use public transport with a new approach to first-and-last-mile trips

Mashilwane, Y. 692

Technology : planning consideration of lower-capacity mode alternatives (including e-hailing) in support of the city of Cape Town's Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN)

Van den Berg, L. 692

"Go George" (GIPTN) - a quality public transport system, elements for consideration

Aboo, S.; Robertson, E.J. 692

Taking the 'R' out of integrated rapid public transport networks

Browning, P. 692

Appreciating the role of the paratransit sector in the quest for sustainable urban mobility improvements : the case for investing in paratransit capacity ? early lessons from the Cape Town N2 express joint venture experience

McLachlan, N. 692

Student Papers

Transport : a catalyst for socio-economic growth and development opportunities to improve quality of life

Chitate, Nyasha 692

Transport : a catalyst for socio-economic growth and development opportunities to improve quality of life

Cromhout, Ane 692

Transport - a catalyst for socio-economic growth and development opportunities to improve quality of life

Goosen, E.S. 692

Transport - a catalyst for socio-economic growth and development opportunities to improve quality of life

Mwanyepedza, R. 692

Transport - a catalyst for socio-economic growth and development opportunities to improve quality of life

Tsikai, E. 692

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