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  • Mushi, Gilbert Exaud; Pienaar, Heila; Van Deventer, Martha Johanna (Ubiquity Press, 2020-01-03)
    Research Data Management (RDM) services are increasingly becoming a subject of interest for academic and research libraries globally – this is also the case in developing countries. The interest is motivated by a need ...
  • Steynberg, Sunette (2019-05-16)
    The presentation shows a case study where the research output of young researchers are compared by productivity and quality with other young researchers within the same subject field. Scopus and SciVal were used to create ...
  • Van Wyk, Johann (2019-04-16)
    This presentation gives an overview of the process that was followed to select Figshare as data repository platform for University of Pretoria (UP), and the progress that has been made regarding the implementation of ...
  • Van Wyk, Johann (2019-03-25)
    This presentation gives an overview of what Digital Humanities is, its historical development, national Digital Humanities activities, Digital Humanities related projects in South Africa, Digital Humanities tools and what ...
  • Van Wyk, Johann (2019-03-25)
    This presentation gives an overview of what research data management is, types of data, reasons for research data management, the research data lifecycle and the activities that take place in each of the stages of the ...
  • Maimela, Chipa (2019)
    The truth already exist that suggest that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) is changing the world, and this will also affect the skills in any field including the Library. Further predictions suggest ...
  • Van Wyk, Johann (2019-08-14)
    This presentation gives an overview of how Figshare and ORCID can be linked. The presentation starts with an introduction to persistent identifiers, and specifically DOIs and ORCID. It then touches on the research process ...
  • Van Wyk, Johann (2019-05-29)
    This presentation gives an overview of what is meant with Open Data and FAIR Data. Firstly it lists the key features of Open Data. This is then followed by a list of reasons why people do not want to make their data open, ...
  • (Department Library Services, 1988)
  • Bezuidenhout, Hannie; Pienaar, Laura; Uys, Magda; Malan, Bokkie; Kock, Elma; Stapelberg, Elna (Department Library Services, 1987)
  • Bezuidenhout, Hannie; van der Merwe, Elsabé; Marais, Jeanette (Department Library Services, 1986)
  • du Preez, Etienne; Viljoen, Anneline; Lee, Magriet; Nel, AnneMarie; van der Walt, Martie; Engelbrecht, Magriet; van der Westhuizen, Erika; Myburgh, Annatjie; Venter, Irene; Lotz, Riekie; Meyer, Minda; Malan, Hetta; Jansen van Vuuren, Maretha; Wehner, Jeannie; Vink, Miemie; du Preez, Corrie; van Rooyen, Hennie; Meyer, Erna; Coetzee, Joriet; Agostinho, Céu; Meyer, Erna; van der Westhuizen, Hannetjie (Department Library Services, 1985)
  • Volschenk, Mike; Fritz, Hulde; Vink, Miemie; Brits, Erika; Venter, Irene; Goosen, Irma; Labuschagne, Johan; Venter, Clarisse; Roos, Joy; van der Merwe, Amanda (Department Library Services, 1984)
  • de Beer, Rias; Porter, Willie; de Klerk, Christie; van der Merwe, Amanda; van Niekerk, Ilse-Marié; Bosman, Andrea; du Toit, Theo; Lee, Magriet; Bornman, Janette; Duursema, Johanna; Moolman, Anita; van der Westhuizen, Erica; Grimbeeck, Sheila; Coetzee, Joriet; Marsh, Susan; Abrie, Marie; Schoeman, Freddie (1983)
  • Pieterse, Matilda (Department Library Services, 1982)
  • Geyer, Sanet; Blaauw, Ronel; Ferreira, P.; Breytenbach, René; Beukes, Gerda; Coetzee, Joriet; du Toit, Jolinda; van der walt, Rika; du Preez, Irene; van Vuuren, Nic; Michau, Adri; van Breda, Hurter; Visser, Hestie; Pieterse, Matilda; Swart, Zani; Potgieter, Sonja (Department Library Services, 1981)
  • Blignaut, M.; Buys, C.F.; Ferreira, P.; Schoeman, M.; Maree, J.; Rautenbach, M.; Venter, I.; van Rensburg, A.; Gunther, B.; Cronje, E.; de Villiers, F.; Willemse, M.; du Preez, J.; Cilliers, J.; Schwartz, D.R.; von Ehrenberg, B.; de Kock, P.; Greyling, M.; Porter, W.; Fourie, H.; Kuhles, M.; Maree, J.; Mörsner, M. (Department Library Services, 1979)
  • Erasmus, M.L.; Joubert, J.; du Plessis, E.; Buys, C.F.; Verster, M.; Lee, M.; Venter, I.; Gunther, B.; van Waesberghe, C.; Nel, H.; Klopper, E.; van der Watt, A.; du Preez, J.; Hulme, V.E.; Jacobsz, L.; Shipman, W.; Porter, W.; du Preez, J.; Kuhles, M.L.; von Ehrenberg, B. (Department Library Services, 1978)
  • Pellissier, I.M.; van der Merwe, W.P.; Kuhles, M.L. (Department Library Services, 1977)