1962 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 29, 1962

1962 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 29, 1962


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Volume 29: Number 1

Studies on Rift Valley fever. Passive and active immunity in lambs Weiss, KE 3

On two new Catenotaenia tapeworms from a South African rat with remarks on the species of the genus Ortlepp, RJ 11

Observations on Rajotaenia gerbilli Wertheim, 1954, an anoplocephalid cestode from gerbils Ortlepp, RJ 21

The pathological physiology of heartwater [Cowdria (Rickettsia) ruminantium Cowdry, 1926] Clark, R 25

Pathological studies on neoplasms of dogs in South Africa De Kock, G 35

Ovulatory failure in bovines Van Rensburg, SWJ & De Vos, WH 55

Studies on specific oculo-vascular myiasis of domestic animals (uitpeuloog) : I. Historical review Basson, PA 81

Blood groups in bovines. II. Normally occurring isoantibodies in cattle blood Osterhoff, DR 89

Ovine ketosis II. The effect of pregnancy on the blood ketone body levels of well-fed ewes Procos, J 107

A preliminary report on the occurrence of selenosis in South Africa and its possible role in the aetiology of tribulosis (geeldikkop), enzootic icterus and some other disease conditions encountered in the Karoo areas Brown, JMM & De Wet, PJ 111

Volume 29: Number 2

An appreciation on the retirement of Dr. R. A. Alexander

The isolation and identification of further antigenic types of African horsesickness virus Howell, PG 139

A urease test for characterizing Brucella strains Van Drimmelen, GC 151

On Trachypharynx natalensis sp. nov. and some associated genera of nematodes Ortlepp, RJ 159

Parafilaria bassoni spec. nov. from the eyes of springbuck (Antidorcas marsupialis) Ortlepp, RJ 165

Trichonema (Cylicodontophorus) schurmanni sp. nov. from a zebra (Equus burchelli Gray, 1924) Ortlepp, RJ 169

Lungworms from South African antelopes Ortlepp, RJ 173

Studies on paramphistomiasis. I. The propagation of Bulinus tropicus Krauss 184 Swart PJ & Reinecke RK 183

Studies on paramphistomiasis. II. The mass production of metacercariae of Paramphistomum microbothrium Fischoeder 1901 Swart, PJ 189

Studies on paramphistomiasis. III. A method of testing the viability of paramphistome metacercariae Horak, IG 197

Studies on specific oculo-vascular myiasis of domestic animals (uitpeuloog). II. Experimental transmission Basson, PA 203

Studies on specific oculo-vascular myiasis of domestic animals (uitpeuloog). III. Symptomatology, pathology, aetiology and epizootiology Basson, PA 211

A modification of standard procedures for evaluating the relative efficacy of anthelmintics Reinecke, RK & Snijders, AJ 241

Ovine ketosis. III. The effect of starvation on the blood sugar and ketone body levels of wethers Procos, J 259

The stability of vitamin A in synthetic vitamin A concentrates (acetate or palmitate). I. In phosphatic stock licks with and without trace elements Myburgh, SJ 269

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