1963 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 30, 1963

1963 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 30, 1963


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Volume 30: Number 1

Observations on the occurrence of African horsesickness amongst immunised horses Howell, PG 3

Preliminary observations on the value of the guinea-pig in determining the innocuity and antigenicity of neurotropic attenuated horsesickness strains Erasmus, BJ 11

Investigations into the cause of abortions in Angora goats in South Africa Van Heerden, KM 23

Environmentally induced changes in Salmonella cultures Botes, HJW 85

Observations on cestode parasites of guinea-fowl from Southern Arica Ortlepp, RJ 95

Bigalkenema namaquensis, gen. & sp. nov., a trichostrongylid worm from sheep Ortlepp, RJ 119

Volume 30: Number 2

Pseudandrya mkuzii sp. nov, (Cestoda : Hymenolepidldae) from Ichneumia albicauda Ortlepp, RJ 127

Pereiraia raphiceri sp. nov. (Nematode : Ascaropsinae) from a steenbuck (Raphicerus campestris Thunberg, 1811) Ortlepp, RJ 133

Clinostomid trematodes as aberrant parasites in the mouth of the domestic cat (Felis catus domesticus) Ortlepp, RJ 137

Studies on paramphistomiasis. V. The pathological physiology of the acute disease in sheep Horak, IG & Clark, R 145

Ovine ketosis. IV. The effect of alloxan on the ketone body and blood sugar levels of Merino wethers Procos, J & Clark, R 161

Chemical studies on blood and tissues from Angora goats carrying to normal term and from habitually-aborting animals Brown, JMM & De Wet, PJ 169

The urinary excretion of 5ß-pregnane-3a : 20a-diol and gestational failure in Angora goats Brown, JMM, Van Rensburg, SJ & Gray, S 179

The embryological development of the pharyngeal region of the sheep Gerneke, WH 191

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