1969 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 36, 1969

1969 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 36, 1969


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Volume 36: Number 1

A taxonomic revision of the genus Taenia Linnaeus, 1758 s. str. Verster, A 3

"Grootlamsiekte", a specific syndrome of prolonged gestation in sheep caused by a shrub Salsola tuberculata (Fenzl ex Moq) Schinz var. tomentosa C. A. Smith ex Aellen Basson, PA, Morgenthal, JC, Bilbrough, RB, Marais, JL, Kruger, SP & Van der Merwe, JL 59

Strongylidoses : delafondiasis in the zebra McCully, RM, Kruger, SP, Basson, PA, Ebedes, H & Van Niekerk, JW 105

Observations on bilharziasis of domestic ruminants in South Africa McCully, RM & Kruger, SP 129

Volume 36: Number 2

The optimal conditions for the multiplication of Neethling-type lumpy skin disease virus in embryonated eggs Van Rooyen, PJ, Munz, EK & Weiss, KE 165

On the relationship between bluetongue, African horsesickness and reoviruses : hybridization studies Verwoerd, DW & Huismans, H 175

Bluetongue virus-induced interferon synthesis Huismans, H 181

Fluorescent antibody studies on ephemeral fever virus Theodoridis, A 187

Antigenic relationship of Brucella ovis to Brucella abortus and Brucella melitensis using the complement fixation test Worthington, RW & Mulders, MSG 191

Antiphagocytic activity of Staphylococcus aureus antigens Cameron, CM 199

Immunization of mice against Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection Cameron, CM & Minnaar, JL 207

Immunizing properties of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis cell walls Cameron, CM, Minnaar, JL & Purdom, MR 211

Studies on specific oculo-vascular myiasis (uitpeuloog) in sheep. V. Histopathology Basson, PA 217

Further studies on the epizootiology of nematode parasites of sheep in the Karoo Viljoen, JH 233

The morphology of the immature stages of some South African Culicoides species (Diptera : Ceratopogonidae) Nevill, EM 265

A statistical method for comparing worm burdens in two groups of sheep Groeneveld, HT & Reinecke, RK 285

Descriptions of Hoplopleura aethomydis n. sp. and of the male of Polyplax solivaga (Anoplura : Hoplopleuridae) Kleynhans, KPN 299

Certain aspects of the facial and trigeminal nerves of the ox (Bos taurus L.) Le Roux, JMW 303

Research notes:

Electron microscopic studies on corriparta virus Lecatsas, G, Erasmus, BJ & Els, HJ 321

Morphological variation in ephemeral fever virus strains Lecatsas, G, Theodoridis, A & Els, HJ 325

Author index 327

Subject index 328

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