Asymmetric supercapacitor based on VS2 nanosheets and activated carbon materials

Show simple item record Masikhwa, T.M. (Tshifhiwa) Barzegar, Farshad Dangbegnon, Julien K. Madito, M.J. (Moshawe) Bello, Abdulhakeem Momodu, Damilola Y. Manyala, Ncholu I. 2016-06-22T05:07:07Z 2016-04
dc.description.abstract VS2 nanosheets as the positive electrode and the activated carbon (AC) as the negative electrode with a 6 M KOH solution as electrolyte were fabricated as an asymmetric supercapacitor. These materials were combined to maximize the specific capacitance and to enlarge the potential window, therefore improving the energy density of the device. A specific capacitance of 155 F g-1 at 1 A g-1 with a maximum energy density as high as 42 Wh kg-1 and a power density of 700 W kg-1 was obtained for the asymmetric supercapacitor within the voltage range of 0 – 1.4 V. The supercapacitor also exhibited a good stability with ∼ 99% capacitance retention and no capacitance loss after 5000 cycles at a current density of 2 Ag-1. en_ZA
dc.description.department Physics en_ZA
dc.description.embargo 2017-04-30
dc.description.librarian hb2016 en_ZA
dc.description.sponsorship The South African Research Chairs Initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (SARChI-DST) and the National Research Foundation (NRF). en_ZA
dc.description.uri en_ZA
dc.identifier.citation Masikhwa, TM, Barzegar, F, Dangbegnon, JK, Bello, A, Madito, MJ, Momodu, D & Manyala, N 2016, 'Asymmetric supercapacitor based on VS2 nanosheets and activated carbon materials', RSC Advances, vol. 6, no. 45, pp. 38990-3900. en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn 2046-2069
dc.identifier.other 10.1039/C5RA27155J
dc.language.iso en en_ZA
dc.publisher Royal Society of Chemistry en_ZA
dc.rights © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016 en_ZA
dc.subject Electrochemical properties en_ZA
dc.subject Asymmetric device en_ZA
dc.subject Supercapacitor en_ZA
dc.subject Energy storage en_ZA
dc.subject Activated carbon (AC) en_ZA
dc.title Asymmetric supercapacitor based on VS2 nanosheets and activated carbon materials en_ZA
dc.type Postprint Article en_ZA

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