Gymnosporia swazica (Celastraceae), a new species from southern Africa

Show simple item record Jordaan, Marie Van Wyk, Abraham Erasmus (Braam) 2015-12-08T10:25:32Z 2015-12-08T10:25:32Z 2015-01
dc.description.abstract Gymnosporia swazica, a new restricted-range southern African species, is described and illustrated here. Known from only a few localities in Swaziland and bordering parts of South Africa (Mpumalanga and northeastern KwaZulu-Natal), G. swazica grows as an understorey shrub or small tree in forest, often among granite boulders. Diagnostic characters for G. swazica include chartaceous leaves, usually shorter than 25 mm, 3-valved capsules usually 6–7 mm long, which are smooth, green turning yellow, and a white aril partially covering the brownish seed. Its closest relative appears to be G. buxifolia (capsules rugose, mottled white-and-brown), one of the most widespread members of the genus in southern Africa, but it can also be confused with G. maranguensis (capsules red, 2-valved) and G. harveyana (capsules pink to red, 3-valved; aril orange, completely covering the seed). en_ZA
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dc.description.sponsorship University of Pretoria. en_ZA
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dc.identifier.citation Jordaan, M & Van Wyk, AE 2015, 'Gymnosporia swazica (Celastraceae), a new species from southern Africa', Phytotaxa, vol. 192, no. 4, pp. 296-300. en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn 1179-3155 (print)
dc.identifier.issn 1179-3163 (online)
dc.identifier.other 10.11646/phytotaxa.192.4.7
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dc.rights © 2015 Magnolia Press. This is an open access journal. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License en_ZA
dc.subject Gymnosporia swazica en_ZA
dc.subject Celastraceae en_ZA
dc.subject New species en_ZA
dc.subject Southern Africa en_ZA
dc.title Gymnosporia swazica (Celastraceae), a new species from southern Africa en_ZA
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