Beliggaamdheid in lofprysing en aanbidding : herlewing van ’n Bybelse tradisie?

Show simple item record Swart, Inette Swart, G.J. (Gerhardus Jacobus), 1955- 2015-11-04T07:39:33Z 2015-11-04T07:39:33Z 2014
dc.description.abstract At a time when the emphasis in liturgical practice is shifting increasingly away from intellectualisation towards experiential understanding and connectedness, or embodiment, the church music leader is presented with new challenges. This paper takes the form of a spirituographic literature review in which the concepts related to embodiment are presented to the reader, and an understanding of spiritual embodiment is extended to musical embodiment. Numerous traditions of praise and worship exist, and liturgical music-making is constantly in a process of evolution. In some traditions the focus is going increasingly inwards and the value of contemplative and meditative practices is extolled. Traditional organ accompaniment in the service is increasingly being supplemented with instrumental, music bands and guitar accompaniment. Emphasis is shifting toward acceptance of dance and movement in worship. The question whether, and in which ways, these changing trends are in fact a revival of Biblical traditions, is discussed. Special significance is given to the importance of the body as instrument through which the Creator’s children function in the world, the primary example being Christ who became a human being. The literature survey draws on the work of writers representing very diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds, including Baptist, Dutch Reformed, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox. en_ZA
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dc.identifier.citation Swart, I & Swart, G 2014, 'Beliggaamdheid in lofprysing en aanbidding : herlewing van ’n Bybelse tradisie?', Vir die Musiekleier, vol. 34, pp. 21-34. en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn 1999-3412
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dc.publisher SAKOV en_ZA
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dc.subject Aanbidding en_ZA
dc.subject Beliggaamdheid en_ZA
dc.subject Kerkmusiek en_ZA
dc.subject Lofprysing en_ZA
dc.subject Spiritualiteit en_ZA
dc.title Beliggaamdheid in lofprysing en aanbidding : herlewing van ’n Bybelse tradisie? en_ZA
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