Gerard Moerdyk Collection

Gerard Moerdyk Collection


Gerard Moerdyk (04:03:1890-29:03:1958) designed a significant number of the buildings on the various campuses of the University of Pretoria.

He was also one of the longest serving Chairmen of the Council of the University of Pretoria (18:10:1935-25:06:1942).

The material in the Gerard Moerdyk [Moerdijk] Collection was originally housed in the archives of the Human Sciences Research Council. Presently it resides with the University of Pretoria's Dept of Architecture.

The Architectural Archives of the University of Pretoria is a repository of material made by donation and deposited in either the Department of Architecture Archives, the Reading Room, or as part of the Archives at the Special Collection Unit, Merensky Library.

As material is digitized it becomes available in electronic format on UPSpace.

Please note: variant spelling of Gerard Moerdyk's name is used, such as: Gerhard Moerdijk, Gerard Moerdyk and Gerhard Moerdyk.

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