New periodic 6.7 GHz class II methanol maser associated with G358.460-0.391

Show simple item record Maswanganye, J.P. Gaylard, M.J. Goedhart, S. Van der Walt, D.J. Booth, Roy S. 2015-06-23T12:30:47Z 2015-06-23T12:30:47Z 2015-01-21
dc.description.abstract Eight new class II methanol masers selected from the 6.7 GHz Methanol Multibeam survey catalogues I and II were monitored at 6.7 GHz with the 26m Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO) radio telescope for three years and seven months, from February 2011 to September 2014. The sources were also observed at 12.2 GHz and two were sufficiently bright to permit monitoring. One of the eight sources, namely G358.460-0.391, was found to show periodic variations at 6.7 GHz. The period was determined and tested for significance using the Lomb-Scargle, epoch-folding and Jurkevich methods, and by fitting a simple analytic function. The best estimate for the period of the 6.7 GHz class II methanol maser line associated with G358.460-0.391 is 220.0 ± 0.2 day. en_ZA
dc.description.librarian am2015 en_ZA
dc.description.sponsorship Jabulani Maswanganye would like to express his gratitude for the bursaries from the National Astrophysics Space Science Programme, Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory, the North-West University doctoral scholarships and the South African SKA Project via the NRF. en_ZA
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dc.identifier.citation Maswanganye, JP, Gaylard, MJ, Goehart, S, Van der Walt, DJ & Booth, RS 2014, 'New periodic 6.7 GHz class II methanol maser associated with G358.460-0.391', Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 446, no. 3, pp. 2730-2737. en_ZA
dc.identifier.issn 0035-8711 (print)
dc.identifier.issn 1365-2966 (online)
dc.identifier.other 10.1093/mnras/stu2306
dc.language.iso en en_ZA
dc.publisher Oxford University Press en_ZA
dc.rights © 2014 The Authors. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. en_ZA
dc.subject Masers HII regions ISM en_ZA
dc.subject Clouds Radio lines en_ZA
dc.subject ISM stars en_ZA
dc.subject Formation en_ZA
dc.title New periodic 6.7 GHz class II methanol maser associated with G358.460-0.391 en_ZA
dc.type Article en_ZA

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