Conference Papers and Presentations (Housing and Urban Environments Research)

Conference Papers and Presentations (Housing and Urban Environments Research)


The activities of the Housing and Urban Environments Research Field (H-UE), will be portrayed in this collection including research papers on various aspects of housing and urbanism. These papers are either academic assignments or published and presented articles at various forums.

XXXIII IAHS World Congress on Housing 2005 - Transforming Housing Environments through Design (H-UE)
Design of housing environments
‘New Towns’ - The S.M.A.R.T alternative to city slums: lessons to be learned from Soweto to Cosmo City Trowbridge, A.
A conceptual model of resident satisfaction with reference to neighbourhood composition Choudhury, I.
A holistic approach for understanding the housing quality in contemporary world Aydinli, S.
A syntactical analysis of settlement form – an investigation of socio-spatial characteristics in low-income housing settlements in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Palframan, A.
Cultural aspects of housing: a case of the Luo in Kisumu Town, Kenya Achieng’ Abonyo, D.
Design as instrument in transformation: settlement as empowerment opportunity for socio-economic development Low, I.
Design strategies for the densification of low income housing Poulsen,L.; Silverman, M.
Designing houses for change: Understanding of changes in mass housing developments in the City of Girne (North Cyprus) Pulhan, H.; Orcunoglu H.
Designing integrated environments by combining accessibility and new technologies Biocca, L.; Morini, A.; Christophersen, J.
Designing today is to design the borderlines and the passages Sentürer, A.
Dubai’s new urban landscape: a critical look at its emerging housing forms Hadjri, K.
Flexibility, how to accommodate unknown future housing requirements Lans, W.; Hofland, C.M.
From sustainable housing sciences to sustainable housing policies: challenging the social responsibility of researchers and designers Vandevyvere, H. Neuckermans, H.
Global and local in the housing of the future Delic, A Kincl, B.
Influence of house form on dweller-initiated transformations in urban housing Makachia, P.
Innovative designs for new urban neighbourhoods in Al Ain Onyango, J.O.
Integrating new and innovative design methodologies at the design stage of housing: ‘How to go’ from conventional to green Spanos, I, Holmes, K, Simons, M, Hall, R. Chapman, K.
Magersari: The spatial-culture of kampung settlements as an urban strategy in Indonesian cities and urban housing Budiarto, L.
Moving towards a design approach to low-income housing in urban Cape Town: the case of Joe Slovo Park Mammon, N. Ewing, K.
Informal response to housing shortage in post-independent Uganda – any lessons for architects? Nawangwe, B.; Nnaggenda-Musana, A.
Patterns for people-friendly neighbourhoods in Mamelodi, South Africa Steyn, G.
Sustainable urban renewal Stouten, P.
The design of positive public space as a core public investment in low-income housing areas:examining the possibilities for a market space and infill housing in Khayelitsha, Cape Town Ewing, K.
The development of physical and urban planning systems in Libya sustainability of planning projects R. Kh. Azlitni
The GAD approach as an alternative to create viable housing environments Sutandyo-Buchholz, A.
The house as a satisfier for human needs: a framework for analysis, impact measurement and design

Murray, M., Pauw, C. Holm, D.

The Modern Wooden Town Project (1997 - 2010) in Finland Karjalainen, M. Koiso-Kanttila, J.
The transformation opportunities of Cypriot vernacular houses under the scope of tourism Numan, I. Dincyurek, O.
Towards the integration of housing with a mass transport system in the Greater Johannesburg area Campbell, M., Ward, M. Stewart, T.
Environmental aspects and constraints
A numerical algorithm for carrying out “whole building hourly analyses” on PCM containing buildings Carbonari, A., De Grassi, M, Giretti, A. Bonci, A.
Best practice evaluation of sustainable housing transformation: assessment of three awarded projects Flier, K. Thomsen, A.
Bioclimatic approach in municipal master plan: the northern part of Portuguese Western Coast Marques, B. A., Brandão Alves, F. Corvacho, H.
Design for deconstruction in old reinforced concrete structures in Turkey Arioglu, N. Abanuz, F.
Designing an environmentally conscious retirement village: potential, constraint and lessons learned Spanos, I., Holmes, K,; Simons, M., Duckers, L,; Davies, J,; Hall, R. Chapman, K.
Development of a technology for inserting a PCM layer in building envelopes Lemma, M., Fioretti, R. Imperadori, M.
Energy efficiency or eco efficiency? de Jonge, T.
Environmental evaluation of the building envelope using plastic foam insulation Tanaçan, L. Ersoy, H.Y.
Investigation into the slimes dams, mine dumps and landfills (residue deposits) as environmental constraints to low-cost housing projects in Gauteng, South Africa Manungufala, T., Sabiti-Kalule, M.& Aucamp, I.
Life cycle analysis of energy efficient measures in desert housing designs Duell, MG Martin, LA
Optimising energy for thermal comfort in low-cost housing with particular reference to Botswana Mothibi, B.E.
Principles of settlement management after earthquake - case study: settlement of people after Bam city earthquake Khorami, M. Shafaei, S.
Residential energy savings through multi-fuel use and energy efficient appliances Naidoo, R. Matlala, M.
Rethinking house, rethinking city: São Paulo, Brazil Medrano, L. Recaman, L.
Self-help made viable: the importance of management of resources and data Giacardi, A.
Structural and thermal performance of low-cost house buildings in Maceió, Northeastern Brazil: analysis of construction walls made of blocks using recycled aggregates Farias, R, Lima, F,; Barboza, A., Gomes, P., Barbirato, J, Passos, ICS Barbirato, GM..
The interface between social dynamics and thermal effects in the design of subsidy housing in South Africa Holm, D., Murray, M Pauw, C.
The most common defects on housing surfaces in Northern Cyprus Ozay, G Ozay, N.
The transformation of house types in Istanbul in relation to the socio-cultural changes Dener, A.
Thermal behavior of PCM containing walls: a time series model based on co-integrated processes and conditional heteroskedasticity De Grassi, M., Carbonari, A. Palomba, G.
Urban fragmentation vs. spatial coherence Bruyns, G.
Viable housing is more than houses: a report on South Africa's enabling infrastructure Wall, K.
Economic, management and organisational aspects
Public housing delivery in Nigeria: problems and challenges Olayiwola, L, Adeleye, O. Ogunshakin, L.
Urban housing crisis and responses in Nigeria: the planners’ view point Olayiwola, L, Adeleye, O.& Ogunshakin, L.
An exploratory study into the challenges facing the emerging contractors involved in the construction of low-cost housing in Wells Estate and Ikamv’elihle townships in the Nelson Mandela Metropole, South Africa Ncwadi, M.& Dangalazana, T.
Causes of failure of housing projects: case of unfinished buildings in Dar Es Salaam Mrema, L.& Mhando, S.
Causes of inadequate housing in Malawi’s major urban areas Nyasulu, E. Cloete, C.
City and basic habitability. paradigm in Sub-Saharan Africa Viana, D. Alves, F.
Core housing and subsidies in South Africa: addressing the unintended outcomes Napier, M.
Employment creation through the provision of low-cost housing in South Africa Thwala, W.
Gender and gender sensitivity in the South African Housing Policy: preliminary evidence from Mangaung (Bloemfontein) Venter, A.; Marais, L.
Housing in former homeland areas of South Africa: delivery, issues, and policy in the Free State Province Marais, L.
Institutional aspects of housing production in Brazil (1964-2004) Wertheim, P.
Integrated landscape management methodology: an application of Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) to the UNESCO landscape of the Diamantina (Ferrara, Italy) De Grassi, M., Naticchia, B. Gissi, E.
Investigating the feasibility of adapting bank-housing finance to progressive housing – the case of Maseru, Lesotho Akindele, O. Rakuena, T.
Poor materials – simple constructions – complex solutions Pollak, S.
The Peoples’ Housing Process: its meaning and relevance Ramasodi, L. Van Bergen, J.
Social and cultural aspects of housing
Adaptation of redundant churches to alternative uses in the Italian context Frattari, A. Albatici, R.
Aspects of gated neighbourhoods in transitional society Danilovic Hristic, N. Hristic, B.
Assessment of housing for the urban poor in the four local government units in Southern Mindanao, Philippines Malaque, IR, Ganzaga, YK, Viloan, EA , Arcega, RD
Building safer communities – reducing crime through environmental planning and design Kruger, T.
Community participation in housing and urban development in poor urban communities, case study of Umbadda, Khartoum Eltahir, MM.
Continuity and changes in the morphology of urban Sudanese homes Osman, K.; Suliman, M.
Cultural and social issues in housing theory and education: essay on dwelling experiences Pecar, M.
External decks- a typology in trend Biondic, Lj. Sepic, Lj. Delic, A.
Health and safety (H&S) in housing Smallwood, J.
Housing and environment development in Jemursari Surabaya, East Java Cahyadini, S.
Housing management: processes, roles and competencies applicable to developing countries van Wyk, J.; Crofton, O.
Housing reconstruction of war damaged towns and villages in Eastern Croatia Sepic, Lj., Biondic, Lj.& Delic, A.
How to keep the ‘people’ in PHP: an evaluation of the Vosloorus People’s Housing Process Himlin, R.
Illegal immigrants and housing: the case of the Old City of Tripoli Belgasem, R.
Renewal of metropolitan areas - social and collective housing; a case-study from São Paulo, Brazil Spinelli, J.& Medrano, L.
Responsibility of the South African architect - defining a role in contemporary social housing initiatives Macagnano, M.
Secondary markets, sustainable habitat and social capital: the criticality of commuity and culture English, L.
Social housing sectors: lessons learned by others Aref, H. M.
Social impact assessment and housing developments Aucamp, I.C.
Sustainable habitat and social capital: the criticality of community and culture English, L.
The ‘New Queenslander’: a contemporary environmentally sustainable timber house Kennedy, R.J, Hockings, EJ. Kai, C.
The occupation of space versus undemocratic social engineering: the case of Hatcliffe New Stands, urban Zimbabwe Ewing, K.
The role of the militaries in the colonial cities: Constantine and Annaba Khedidja, B.
Transforming the built environment to accommodate low-income segments of the population Brezar, V.
Urban ecologies of the contemporary city Read, S. Sezer, C.
Women and viable housing environments Thorne, A.
Viable housing construction
‘It’s rubbish!’ a study of recycled materials to use as interior partitioning in social housing Greeff, A.
Generating an improved quality of informal housing in Mamelodi, South Africa Peeters, N.& Osman, A.
Low-cost as a design tool Rossi, P.
Viable housing edification: a self-help prototype Giacardi, A.
Wood as a housing material – Finnish experiences of the durability of wooden houses Heikkilä, J.

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