1985 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 52, 1985

1985 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 52, 1985


Contentes Pages: Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Vol 52, 1985


Volume 52: Number 1

Arthropods and helminths in springbok ( Antidorcas marsupialis) at Benfontein, Kimberley De Villiers, IL, Liversidge, R & Reinecke, RK 1

Heartwater in Angora goats. II. A pathological study of artificially infected, treated and untreated goats Prozesky, L & Du Plessis, JL 13

Isolation and characterization of and some observations on poisoning by bufadienolides from Cotyledon orbiculata L. var. orbiculata Anderson, LAP, Schultz, RA, Kellerman, TS, Kotze, SM, Prozesky, L, Erasmus, GL & Labuschagne, L 21

Some features of coagulase positive staphylococci from bovine milk. I. Carbohydrate metabolism: comparison of conventional techniques and the API 50 CH system Erasmus, JA 25

An investigation into the emission sites of the volatile pheromone produced by females of Argas (Persicargas) walkerae Gothe, R & Neitz, AWH 31

Induction of diplodiosis, a neuromycotoxicosis, in domestic ruminants with cultures of indigenous and exotic isolates of diplodia maydis Prozesky, L, Kellerman, TS, Rabie, CJ, Van der Westhuizen, GCA, Kriek, NPJ 35

The distribution and hosts of Rhipicephalus glabroscutatum MacIvor, KM 43

"Intestinal spirochaetosis" of the vervet monkey Cowley, HM & Hill, RR 47

Research communications:

Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo associated with bovine abortion in South Africa Te Brugge, LA & Dreyer, T 51

Addition of rabbit serum to EMJH medium improves isolation of Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo Te Brugge, LA & Louw, HN 53

Volume 52: Number 2

A method for determining the Cowdria ruminantium infection rate of Amblyomma hebraeum: effects in mice injected with tick homogenates Du Plessis, JL 55

Buffalo in the northern Natal game parks show no serological evidence of infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus Esterhuysen, JJ, Thomson, GR, Flammand, JRB & Bengis, RG 63

Investigation into the participation of male pheromones of Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi during infestation Gothe, R & Neitz, AWH 67

The pathology of heartwater. I. A study of mice infected with the Welgevonden strain of Cowdria ruminantium Prozesky, L & Du Plessis, JL 71

The pathology of heartwater. II. A study of the lung lesions in sheep and goats infected with the Ball 3, strain of Cowdria ruminantium Prozesky, L & Du Plessis, JL 81

A suspected lipofuscin storage disease of sheep associated with ingestion of the plant, Trachyandra divaricata (Jacq.) Kunth Newsholme, SJ, Schneider, DJ, Reid, C 87

An experimental mycotoxicosis in sheep and goats caused by Drechslera campanulata, a fungal pathogen of green oats Marasas, WFO, Collett, MG, Van der Westhuizen, GCA, Schneider, DJ 93

Enrichment of a fraction toxic to guinea-pigs from Pachystigma pygmaeum (Schltr.) Robyns Verschoor, JA, Patterton, HG & Potgieter, DJJ 101

Mycoplasmas recovered from bovine genitalia, aborted foetuses and placentas in the Republic of South Africa Trichard, CJV & Jacobsz, EP 105

The morphology of a sensory receptor in the nippled tubercles of Schistosoma mattheei Kruger, FJ & Hamilton-Attwell, VL 111

In vitro cultivation of Cowdria ruminantium Bezuidenhout, JD, Paterson, CL & Barnard, BJH 113

Volume 52: Number 3

This issue contains the scientific papers delivered on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary, on 12 & 13 October 1983, of the Veterinary Research Institute, Onderstepoort.

Commemorative Lecture:

Onderstepoort today yesterday and tomorrow Bigalke, RD 121

Scientific Symposium: Veterinary Science in the Nineteen Eighties:

Theme 1. Biotechnology in veterinary science

Bovine leukaemia virus and enzootic bovine leukosis Burny, A, Bruck, C, Cleuter, Y, Couez, D, Deschamps, J, Gregoire, D, Ghysdael, J, Kettmann, R, Mammerickx, M, Marbaix, G & Portetelle, D 133

Biotechnology, viral oncogenesis and jaagsiekte Verwoerd, DW 145

The use of recombinant DNA technology for the development of a bluetongue virus subunit vaccine Huismans, H 149

Theme 2. Stress-induced diseases and toxicological problems in veterinary science

Stress and fertility. A review Coubrough, R 153

Hepatogenous photosensitivity diseases in South Africa Kellerman, TS & Coetzer, JAW 157

The effect of stress on udder health of dairy cows Giesecke, WH 175

Theme 3. Epidemiology of infectious diseases in veterinary science

The epidemiology of infectious diseases of livestock Murphy, FA 195

The epidemiology of African swine fever: the role of free-living hosts in Africa Thomson, GR 201

Theme 4. Epidemiology of parasytic diseases in veterinary science

The epizoology and control of heartwater and other tick-borne diseases of cattle in South Africa Bezuidenhout, JD 211

The epidemiology and control of gastrointestinal nematode infestation of sheep and cattle in South Africa. I. The historic role of Onderstepoort and a short discussion of present research priorities Van Wyk, JA 215

Volume 52: Number 4

The effect of arsenical dips on Parafilaria bovicola in artificially infected cattle in South Africa Nevill, EM 221

Isolation of Cowdria ruminantium by cellular affinity chromatography and detection by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay Viljoen, GJ, Vermeulen, NMJ, Oberem, PT, Prozesky, L, Verschoor, JA, Bezuidenhout, JD, Putterill, JF, Visser, L & Neitz, AWH 227

An ovine hepatotoxicosis caused by the plant Hertia pallens (DC.) Kuntze (Asteraceae) Prozesky, L, Kellerman, TS, Jordaan, P, Welman, WG & Joubert, JPJ 233

Studies on bovine herpesviruses. I. Isolation and characterization of viruses isolated from the genital tract of cattle Theodoridis, A 239

Paralysis and lipofuscin-like pigmentation of farm stock caused by the plant, Trachyandra laxa var. laxa Basson, PA, Kidd, AB & Grant, RC 255

The epidemiology of Parafilaria bovicola in the Transvaal Bushveld of South Africa Nevill, EM 261

An in vivo comparison of the efficacy of the heartwater blood and ground-up tick suspension vaccines in calves Bezuidenhout, JD & Spickett, AM 269

The natural resistance of cattle to artificial infection with Cowdria ruminantium: the role played by conglutinin Du Plessis, JL 273

The use of a single complement fixation test technique in bovine brucellosis, Johne's disease, dourine, equine piroplasmosis and Q fever serology Herr, S, Huchzermeyer, HFKA, Te Brugge, LA, Williamson, CC, Roos, JA & Schiele, GJ 279

The efficacy of hyperimmune serum in the treatment of sweating sickness Oberem, PT, Van Amstel, SR, Matthee, O & Bezuidenhout, JD 283

Research communication:

Chemotherapy of experimental Besnoitia besnoiti infection in rabbits Shkap, V, De Waal, DT & Potgieter, FT 289

Author index 291

Subject index 296

Recent Submissions

  • Hamilton-Attwell, V.L.; Kruger, F.J.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    During scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the tegument of Schistosoma mattheei, a structure was observed within the nippled tubercles. It is postulated that it is a sensory receptor with a tactile function.
  • Prozesky, Leon; Verschoor, J.A. (Jan Adrianus), 1953-; Neitz, A.W.H. (Albert Walter Herman); Viljoen, Gerrit Johannes; Vermeulen, N.M.J.; Oberem, P.T.; Bezuidenhout, J. Dürr; Putterill, John Fraser; Visser, L.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The isolation of Cowdria ruminantium by means of wheat germ lectin affinity chromatography as described in this paper permits the recovery of partially purified viable organisms under mild conditions in short time. These ...
  • Bigalke, R.D. (Pretoria : Government Printer, 1985)
  • Du Plessis, J.L.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The conglutinin titres of year-old Bonsmara-cross cattle infected with Cowdria ruminantium were inversely proportional to the severity of the reactions elicited by the infection. There was no correlation, however, between ...
  • Van Wyk, J.A. (Jan Aucamp); Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The research activities of the Veterinary Research Institute, Onderstepoort, from its inception in 1908 until recent times are reviewed in this first article of a series on nematode epidemiology of sheep and cattle. While ...
  • Bezuidenhout, J. Dürr; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The history of the main bovine tick-borne diseases occurring in South Africa and the role Onderstepoort played in their identification and control is briefly reviewed. The present attitudes regarding the control of tickborne ...
  • Coubrough, R.I.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The effect of both environmental and management related stressors on fertility is discussed. While environmental heat as a stressor is significant in disrupting normal reproductive cyclicity, management induced stress is ...
  • Shkap, Varda; De Waal, D.T.; Potgieter, Fred T.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    Rabbits were infected with a bovine strain of Besnoitia besnoiti parasites derived from VERO cell cultures. Oxytetracycline*, given at 30 mg/kg i.m. simultaneously with infection, prevented the development of orchitis. The ...
  • Bezuidenhout, J. Dürr; Spickett, Arthur M.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    Two groups of calves were respectively immunized with heartwater blood (BV) and ground-up tick suspension (GUTS) vaccine. A third group was left unimmunized as controls. No difference in the immune status conferred could ...
  • Prozesky, Leon; Kellerman, T. Stephanus; Jordaan, P.; Welman, Wilhelmina G.; Joubert, J.P.J.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    A field outbreak of Hertia pallens poisoning in sheep is described. The hepatotoxicity of the plant was experimentally demonstrated in 7 sheep which developed lesions that ranged from a diffuse degeneration to centrilobular ...
  • Murphy, F.A.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    From the time of the first modern studies of infectious diseases, by Koch, Pasteur, Theiler and their colleagues, it has been clear that laboratory investigation must be complemented by epidemiologic investigation. The ...
  • Huismans, H. (Henk), 1942-; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The double-stranded RNA gene coding for the surface antigen responsible for inducing neutralising antibodies has been isolated, converted to DNA, and cloned in the plasmid pBR322. So far, only plasmids containing inserts ...
  • Oberem, P.T.; Van Amstel, S.R.; Matthee, O.; Bezuidenhout, J. Dürr; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    Natural and experimental cases of sweating sickness were treated using a hyperimmune serum as specific treatment and hyperimmune serum combined with symptomatic and supportive treatment based on the clinico-pathological ...
  • Nevill, E.M.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    A total of 20 375 flies collected off cattle on 12 farms over 36 months were identified and examined for 3rd stage P. bovicola. The 3 vector species accounted for 64,1 % of the flies collected and were the only fly species ...
  • Verwoerd, Daniel Wynand; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    A brief description is given of the discovery of retroviral and cellular oncogenes and of their putative role in oncogenesis. Attempts to apply the biotechnological techniques that were so successful in the study of other ...
  • Basson, P.A.; Kidd, A.B.; Grant, Rina C.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    A paralytic condition of farm stock in South West Africa, characterized by prominent neuronal and some mild extraneuronal pigmentation, is described. The distribution of the pigment, which was mainly located in the larger ...
  • Thomson, G.R. (Gavin); Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The known distribution of African swine fever (ASF) virus in Africa is reviewed in relation to the distributions of its free-living hosts as are the infection rates of these species in different localities in southern ...
  • Coetzer, Jacobus A.W.; Kellerman, T. Stephanus; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    Various hepatogenous photosensitivity diseases of ruminants in South Africa, caused by plants, fungi and an alga, are described. Information is given on botanical, mycological, toxicological, clinical and pathological ...
  • Giesecke, W.H.; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)
    The appropriate literature has been reviewed for the purpose of defining the phenomenon of stress in lactating dairy cattle, establishing a baseline concept of lactation stress and emphasizing the most significant aspects ...
  • Anonymous; Bigalke, R.D. (Published by The Government Printer, Pretoria, 1985)

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