Demythologising social cohesion : towards a practical theological vision

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dc.description.abstract This article considers the topical issue of social cohesion. It seeks to demythologise the issue bringing it into critical conversation with eight related categories. It proposes that a vision of a socially cohesive society should employ all eight categories as parallel and complementary strategies. Secondly, it proposes a practical theological vision of social cohesion that will not only embrace these eight categories but will root itself in a spirituality of the table, informed by a vision of the oikos of God, seeking shalom in the oikos and doing so through four strategic moments of engagement. INTRADISCIPLINARY AND/OR INTERDISCIPLINARY IMPLICATIONS: This article indicates that social cohesion requires an integrated approach of different strategies, not competing but complementing each other. Social cohesion requires interdisciplinary, intradisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and action. For example, exploring ways in which land redistribution inhibits or contributes to social cohesion requires multiple stakeholders and disciplines discerning together. The proposed practical theological vision implies new categories to be included in curricula and practical theological discourse for it to contribute meaningfully not only to the current debate but also to practices fostering a socially cohesive society. en_US
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dc.identifier.citation De Beer, S.F., 2014, 'Demythologising social cohesion: Towards a practical theological vision', Verbum et Ecclesia 35(2), Art. #1344, 12 pages. 10.4102/ve.v35i2.1344 en_US
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dc.identifier.other 10.4102/ve.v35i2.1344
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dc.rights © 2014. The Authors. Licensee: AOSIS OpenJournals. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. en_US
dc.subject Social cohesion en_US
dc.subject Demythologising en_US
dc.subject Social capital en_US
dc.subject Social inclusion en_US
dc.subject Healing en_US
dc.subject Reconciliation en_US
dc.subject Social justice en_US
dc.subject Restitution en_US
dc.subject Land distribution en_US
dc.subject Spatial transformation en_US
dc.title Demythologising social cohesion : towards a practical theological vision en_US
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