Inclusive education : a case of beliefs competing for implementation

Show simple item record Meltz, Adrienne Herman, Chaya Pillay, Venitha 2014-09-04T09:14:04Z 2014-09-04T09:14:04Z 2014-08
dc.description.abstract The study explored the understanding and implementation of inclusive education in an independent Jewish community school; a school with a community ethos of care and belonging, whose context is, by definition, exclusionary on the grounds of a particular social category – religion. However, this exclusionary agenda positioned the school as inclusive on the grounds of strong communal values. Nevertheless, the school struggled with difference and diversity despite its purportedly strong communal spirit and religious culture. Further, it is arguable that the challenges encountered by the school may be indicative of the emergent economic context of South Africa where aspiration is often thwarted by economic realities. This study relied on qualitative methods of data generation such as insider interviews, personal accounts and document analysis. The participants were drawn from four stakeholder groups, namely, teachers, parents, middle managers and top managers. Guided by Lewin’s theory of planned change, the study identified four belief systems which influenced the way inclusive education was both understood and practised in this school. The study argued for the recognition of the importance of different belief systems in the implementation of inclusion in South Africa. en_US
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dc.identifier.citation Meltz, A, Herman, C & Pillay, V 2014, 'Inclusive education : a case of beliefs competing for implementation', South African Journal of Education, vol. 34, no. 3, pp. 1-8. en_US
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dc.subject Conditional inclusion en_US
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dc.subject Inclusive education en_US
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dc.subject Kurt Lewin’s theory of planned change en_US
dc.title Inclusive education : a case of beliefs competing for implementation en_US
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