Serum tumor markers and PET/CT imaging for tumor recurrence detection

Show simple item record Kruse, Vibeke Cocquyt, Veronique Borms, Marleen Maes, Alex Van de Wiele, Christophe 2014-09-01T09:10:40Z 2014-09-01T09:10:40Z 2013-02
dc.description.abstract When confronted with a suspicious rise in CA 15.3 in asymptomatic breast cancer patients following primary treatment and negative or equivocal conventional imaging findings, FDG PET/CT allows assessment of the site and extent of the recurring disease with an accuracy of 83 %. Both FDG PET and FDG PET/CT are superior when compared to CT alone for the purpose of recurrence detection in patients suffering from ovarian carcinoma who have completed primary therapy but demonstrate a rising serum CA-125 level. As the global accuracy of CT alone for detection of recurrence of ovarian cancer approximates 80 %, CT scan should be performed upfront to identify the site of recurrence. When confronted with negative or equivocal CT findings, FDG PET alone or FDG PET/CT should be added. In patients with rising serum CEA levels that have undergone primary treatment for a colorectal carcinoma, both FDG PET and FDG PET/ CT allow detection of tumor recurrence with an accuracy of 95 %, well above that of CT and MRI. Available studies further suggest that FDG/PET findings will affect treatment management in 28–50 % of these patients. The detection rate of both 11C-choline and 18F-choline PET and PET/CT for local, regional, and distant recurrence in prostate carcinoma patients with a biochemical recurrence increases with rising PSA value at the time of imaging and reaches about 75 % in patients with PSA[3 ng/mL. Furthermore, PET and PET/CT with [11C]- and [18F]- choline derivates may be helpful in the clinical setting for optimization of individualized treatment. en_US
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dc.identifier.citation Kruse, V, Cocquyt, V, Borms, M, Maes, A & Van de Wiele, C 2013, 'Serum tumor markers and PET/CT imaging for tumor recurrence detection', vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 97-104. en_US
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dc.identifier.other 10.1007/s12149-012-0664-6
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dc.subject Serum tumor markers en_US
dc.subject FDG PET/CT en_US
dc.subject Tumor recurrence en_US
dc.subject PET/CT en_US
dc.subject Breast cancer en_US
dc.subject Ovarian cancer en_US
dc.subject Colorectal cancer en_US
dc.subject Prostate carcinoma en_US
dc.subject Positron emission tomography (PET) en_US
dc.subject Computerized tomography' (CT) en_US
dc.subject Fluorine-18-Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) en_US
dc.title Serum tumor markers and PET/CT imaging for tumor recurrence detection en_US
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