Virus nomenclature below the species level : a standardized nomenclature for filovirus strains and variants rescued from cDNA

Show simple item record Kuhn, Jens H. Bao, Yımıng M. Bavari, Sina Becker, Stephan Bradfute, Steven Brauburger, Kristina Brister, J. Rodney Bukreyev, Alexander A. Cai, Yıngyun Chandran, Kartik Davey, Robert A. Dolnik, Olga Dye, John M. Enterlein, Sven Gonzalez, Jean-Paul Formenty, Pierre Freiberg, Alexander N. Hensley, Lisa E. Hoenen, Thomas Honko, Anna N. Ignatyev, Georgy M. Jahrling, Peter B. Johnson, Karl M. Klenk, Hans-Dieter Kobinger, Gary Lackemeyer, Matthew G. Leroy, Eric M. Lever, Mark S. Muhlberger, Elke Netesov, Sergewy V. Olinger, Gene G. Palacios, Gustavo Patterson, Jean L. Paweska, Janusz Tadeusz Pitt, Louisa Radoshitzky, Sheli R. Ryabchikova, Elena I. Saphire, Erica Ollmann Shestopalov, Aleksandr M. Smither, Sophie J. Sullivan, Nancy J. Swanepoel, Robert Takada, Ayato Towner, Jonathan S. Van der Groen, Guido Volchkov, Viktor E. Volchkova, Valentina A. Wahl-Jensen, Victoria Warren, Travis K. Warfield, Kelly L. Weidmann, Manfre Nichol, Stuart T. 2014-07-21T07:15:51Z 2014-07-21T07:15:51Z 2014-05
dc.description.abstract Specific alterations (mutations, deletions, insertions) of virus genomes are crucial for the functional characterization of their regulatory elements and their expression products, as well as a prerequisite for the creation of attenuated viruses that could serve as vaccine candidates. Virus genome tailoring can be performed either by using traditionally cloned genomes as starting materials, followed by site-directed mutagenesis, or by de novo synthesis of modified virus genomes or parts thereof. A systematic nomenclature for such recombinant viruses is necessary to set them apart from wild-type and laboratoryadapted viruses, and to improve communication and collaborations among researchers who may want to use recombinant viruses or create novel viruses based on them. A large group of filovirus experts has recently proposed nomenclatures for natural and laboratory animal-adapted filoviruses that aim to simplify the retrieval of sequence data from electronic databases. Here, this work is extended to include nomenclature for filoviruses obtained in the laboratory via reverse genetics systems. The previously developed template for natural filovirus genetic variant naming,\virus name[(\strain[/)\isolation host-suffix[/ \country of sampling[/\year of sampling[/\genetic variant designation[-\isolate designation[, is retained, but we propose to adapt the type of information added to each field for cDNA clone-derived filoviruses. For instance, the full-length designation of an Ebola virus Kikwit variant rescued from a plasmid developed at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could be akin to ‘‘Ebola virus H.sapiens-rec/COD/1995/Kikwit-abc1’’ (with the suffix ‘‘rec’’ identifying the recombinant nature of the virus and ‘‘abc1’’ being a placeholder for any meaningful isolate designator). Such a full-length designation should be used in databases and the methods section of publications. Shortened designations (such as ‘‘EBOV Kik-abc1’’) and abbreviations (such as ‘‘EBOV/Kik-abc1’’) could be used in the remainder of the text, depending on how critical it is to convey information contained in the full-length name. ‘‘EBOV’’ would suffice if only one EBOV strain/variant/isolate is addressed. en_US
dc.description.librarian hb2014 en_US
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dc.identifier.citation Kuhn, JH, Bao, YM, Bavari, S, Becker, S, Bradfute, S, Brauburger, K, Brister, JR, Bukreyev, AA, Cai, YY, Chandran, K, Davey, RA, Dolnik, O, Dye, JM, Enterlein, S, Gonzalez, JP, Formenty, P, Freiberg, AN, Hensley, LE, Hoenen, T, Honko, AN, Ignatyev, GM, Jahrling, PB, Johnson, KM, Klenk, HD, Kobinger, G, Lackemeyer, MG, Leroy, EM, Lever, MS, Muhlberger, E, Netesov, SV, Olinger, GG, Palacios, G, Patterson, JL, Paweska, JT, Pitt, L, Radoshitzky, SR, Ryabchikova, EI, Saphire, EO, Shestopalov, AM, Smither, SJ, Sullivan, NJ, Swanepoel, R, Takada, A, Towner, JS, Van der Groen, G, Volchkov, VE, Volchkova, VA, Wahl-Jensen, V, Warren, TK, Warfield, KL, Weidmann, M & Nichol, ST 2014, 'Virus nomenclature below the species level : a standardized nomenclature for filovirus strains and variants rescued from cDNA', Archives of Virology, vol. 159, no. 5, pp. 1229-1237. en_US
dc.identifier.issn 0304-8608 (print)
dc.identifier.issn 1432-8798 (online)
dc.identifier.other 10.1007/s00705-013-1877-2
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dc.subject Virus nomenclature en_US
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dc.title Virus nomenclature below the species level : a standardized nomenclature for filovirus strains and variants rescued from cDNA en_US
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