1990 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 57, 1990

1990 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Volume 57, 1990


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Volume 57: Number 1

Cryopreservation of some common nematodes of ruminants for up to 11,3 years Van Wyk, JA, Gerber, HM & Alves, RMR 1

Resistance of Brahman and Simmentaler cattle to Southern African ticks Rechav, Y, Dauth, J & Els, DA 7

An immunohistochemical study of various peptide-containing endocrine cells and neurones at the equine ileocaecal junction Kotze, SH & Van Aswegen, G 13

Scanning electron and light microscopy of the mucosa of the equine ileocaecal junction Soley, JT & Kotze, SH 19

Udder health implications of premature bovine mammary regression. I. Clinical, subclinical and reducing-sugar changes in milk during 168 hours of suspended milking in mid-lactation

Giesecke, WH, Korybut-Woroniecki, PA & Kowalski, ZE 25

A light microscopic and immunocytochemical study of the gastro-intestinal tract of the ostrich (Struthio camelus L.) Bezuidenhout, AJ & Van Aswegen, G 37

Udder health implications of premature bovine mammary regression. II. Collateral intramammary reactions in quarters milked normally during 168-hour milk stasis in opposite quarters Giesecke, WH, Korybut-Woroniecki, PA & Kowalski, ZE 49

Two new species of ticks from southern Africa whose adults parasitize the feet of ungulates : Rhipicephalus lounsburyi n. sp. and Rhipicephalus neumanni n. sp. (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae) Walker, JB 57

Heat stress in dairy cattle and other livestock under southern African conditions. I. Temperature-humidity index mean values during the four main seasons Du Preez, JH, Giesecke, WH & Hattingh, PJ 77

Epidemiology of wildebeest-derived malignant catarrhal fever in South Africa : inability to transfer the disease with an African face fly Musca xanthomelas (Diptera: Muscidae) Barnard, BJH, Bengis, RG & Voges, SF 89

The prehatch period and larval survival of Boophilus decoloratus (Koch, 1844) (Acarina: Ixodidae) under natural conditions in the Transvaal, South Africa Spickett, AM & Heyne, H 95

The transovarial transmission of Babesia caballi by Hyalomma truncatum

De Waal, DT 99

Mycobacterium fortuitum isolated from three species of fish in South Africa Bragg, RR, Huchzermeyer, HFAK & Hanisch, MAM 101

Volume 57: Number 2

Evaluation of the efficacy of anthelmintics against parafilariosis in cattle Van Wyk, JA, Groeneveld, HT & Carmichael, IH 103

Pyridoxine (a vitamin B6) and its derivative pyridoxal as treatment for Albizia versicolor poisoning in guinea-pigs Gummow, B & Erasmus, GL 109

Fitting the Gompertz function to dose-response data of larval tick populations Spickett, AM & Van Ark, H 115

A field strain of Trichostrongylus colubriformis resistant to levamisole and morantel in South Africa Van Wyk, JA, Bath, GF, Gerber, HM & Alves, RMR 119

On sampling tick populations : the problem of overdispersion Petney, TN, Van Ark, H & Spickett, AM 123

Research communications:

The use of sensitivity discs in the identification of Campylobacter species Ribeiro, LMM, Herr, S, Pefanis, SM & Gous, AGS 129

Effects of microclimatic variables on the availability and movement of third-stage larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi on herbage Krecek, RC, Murrell, KD & Douglass, LW 133

Host cellular components adhering to the tegument of schistosomes from cattle, buffalo, hippopotamus and lechwe Kruger, FJ & Wolmarans, CT 137

Feeding habits and flight-range of blow-flies (Chrysomyia spp.) in relation to anthrax transmission in the Kruger National Park, South Afnca Braack, LEO & De Vos, V 141

The isolation and serology of Brucella melitensis in a flock of goats in central RSA Ribeiro, LMM, Herr, S, Chaparro, F & Van der Vyver, FH 143

Volume 57: Number 3

The freeze-drying of Cowdria ruminantium Du Plessis, JL, Van Gas, L, Labuschagne, FJ & Wijma, S 145

Concurrent babesiosis and ehrlichiosis in the dog : blood smear examination supplemented by the indirect fluorescent antibody test, using Cowdria ruminantium as antigen Du Plessis, JL, Fourie, N, Nel, PW & Evezard, DN 151

A comparison of haemodynamic and vasoconstrictory responses in sheep with a toxic fraction from Pachystigma pygmaeum and with the plant material Van Der Walt, JJ, Van Rooyen, JM & Lotter, AP 157

The detection and isolation of a paralysis toxin present in Argas (Persicargas) walkerae Neitz, AWH, Viljoen, GJ, Van Wyngaardt, S, Gothe, R, Visser, L & Bezuidenhout, JD 163

Parasites of South African wildlife. V. A description of the males of Oesophagostomum mocambiquei Ortlepp, 1964 from warthogs, Phacochoerus aethiopicus (Pallas, 1766) Boomker, JDF 169

Salmonella isolated from feeds and feed ingredients during the period 1982-1988 : animal and public health implications

Durand, AM, Giesecke, WH, Barnard, M-L, Van der Walt, ML & Steyn, HC 175

Heat stress in dairy cattle under southern African conditions. II. Identification of areas of potential heat stress during summer by means of observed true and predicted temperature-humidity index values Du Preez, JH, Giesecke, WH, Hattingh, PJ & Eisenberg, BE 183

A survey of annoyance of livestock by Simulium chutteri Lewis along the Orange River, South Africa (Diptera: Simuliidae) Jordaan, LC & Van Ark, H 189

Research communications:

The use of filter paper discs impregnated with thionin acetate, basic fuchsin and thionin blue in the identification of Brucella species Ribeiro, LMM & Herr, S 197

Epizootology of wildebeest-derived malignant catarrhal fever : possible transmission among cows and their calves in the north-western Transvaal Barnard, BJH 201

An attempt to improve the immunization of sheep against heartwater by using different combinations of 3 stocks of Cowdria ruminantium Du Plessis, JL, Potgieter, FT & Van Gas, L 205

An efficient medium for the isolation of Trichomonas foetus Ribeiro, LMM 209

Volume 57: Number 4

An experimental Schistosoma mattheei infection in man Wolmarans, CT, De Kock, KN & Van der Walt, MPK 211

Identification of the antigenic proteins of Cowdria ruminantium Neitz, AWH, Rossouw, M, De Waal, DT, Du Plessis, JL, Van Gas, L & Brett, S 215

The toxic effects on cardiac myocytes of tyledoside F, a cumulative neurotoxic cardiac glycoside isolated from Tylecodon grandiflorus Van Rooyen, JM & Van der Walt, JJ 223

The isolation and transmission of an unidentified Babesia sp. to cattle by Hyalomma truncatum Koch 1844 De Waal, DT, Potgieter, FT, Combrink, MP & Mason, TE 229

Increased pathogenicity of an Ehrlichia-like agent after passage through Amblyomma hebraeum : a preliminary report Du Plessis, JL 233

Failure of an Actinomyces pyogenes vaccine to protect sheep against an intravenous challenge Hunter, P, Van der Lugt, JJ & Gouws, JJ 239

Heat stress in dairy cattle and other livestock under southern African conditions. III. Monthly temperature-humidity index• mean values and their significance in the performance of dairy cattle

Du Preez, JH, Hattingh, PJ, Giesecke, WH & Eisenberg, BE 243

The pathology of experimental Lasiospermum bipinnatum (Thunb.) Druce (Asteraceae) poisoning in sheep. I. Hepatic lesions Williams, MC 249

The pathology of experimental Lasiospermum bipinnatum (Thunb.) Druce (Asteraceae) poisoning in sheep. II. Pulmonary and miscellaneous lesions Williams, MC 263

Leukoencephalomalacia in two horses induced by oral dosing of fumonisin B1 Coetzer, JAW, Kellerman, TS, Marasas, WFO, Thiel, PG, Gelderblom, WCA & Cawood, M 269

Research communications:

Overberg Research Project. IX. First stage larvae per gram (L1p.g.) of faeces : an efficient method of diagnosing nematode parasites of sheep ante mortem Reinecke, RK 277

Serological reactions to Leptospira species in buffalo (Syncerus caffer) from the Kruger National Park Myburgh, JG, Bengis, RG, Bester, CJJ & Chaparro, F 281

An attempt to establish an inbred line of mice genetically resistant to Cowdria ruminantium Du Plessis, JL, Meyer, EHH & Van Gas, L 283

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