The angels of the congregations in Revelation : textual history and interpretation

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dc.description.abstract The study explores the textual history of the book of Revelation with special regard to the angels of the congregation in chapters 2–3. These angels has been interpreted in the reception history as either earthly or heavenly beings. Both interpretations are accounted for in the most ancient textual traditions. The A-text, normally regarded as the best text of Revelation, mirrors an earthly location of the “angels” (see esp. 2:1, 18, 20a). The S-text ( א and accompanying manuscripts) allows their nowadays preferred heavenly location (angels in strong sense). The prototype may be a middle text speaking of “angels” in the sense of representatives mediating between heaven and earth through an earthly presence. The contribution correlates interpretational history and textual history and shows that the interpretation of the texts influenced the history/development of the Greek text as well as the history/development of the Greek text influenced the interpretation. Thus, the interdependency of textual history and interpretation needs to be Taken note of when dealing with the book of Revelation. The apparatus in the present critical edition (Nestle-Aland27) of Revelation, which selects manuscripts and variants, shows the problems insufficiently. Therefore the currently starting Editio critica maior of Revelation will be very helpful. It must rework the apparatus and perhaps will correct the critical text (“Obertext”) in some of the addresses to the congregations (2:1, 18). en_US
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dc.identifier.citation Karrer, M 2011, 'The angels of the congregations in Revelation : textual history and interpretation', Journal of Early Christian History, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 57-84. en_US
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dc.title The angels of the congregations in Revelation : textual history and interpretation en_US
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