The reading and meaning of Ecclesiastes

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dc.description.abstract This article tries to understand the message of Ecclesiastes as part of the poetic-wisdom group in the Hebrew Canon according to the BHS (Psalter, Job, Proverbs, Ruth, Songs of Solomon, and Ecclesiastes). Therefore, Ecclesiastes is able to tie the message of the preceding books. The prologue (1:1) and epilogue (12:13-14) of Ecclesiastes recall the foundations faith in Israel, that is Psalm 1 and 2 (law and David). Next, like Job, Ecclesiastes recognizes the destruction of human wisdom in order to carry this line into all parts of human experience. Ecclesiastes looks on life like it is without God in order to face Him again and the very end of the road. The outcome of Ruth’ life exceeds the given dimension of human understanding. Ruth and Boaz did the very best in the fear of JHWH. But they could not plan the meaning of their life as part of the promise of the Davidic dynasty. According to Ecclesiastes, Solomon was not able to give life a lasting meaning. This only comes from God who appointed him as king of Jerusalem (1:1) and who has given his enduring covenant and law (12:12). Then, Song of Songs celebrates human love despite of suffering and disillusion. Similar Ecclesiastes encourages to enjoy life with the wife you love (9:9). In sum, Ecclesiastes includes every radical thought in life. Therefore it is an example where every reader in Israel and even today can reflect on his own questions. en
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