Traditional thinking, physical science, and the brain : an essay about a “Parallel-Systems Mind Model”

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dc.contributor.other University of Pretoria. Dept. of Physics 2011-05-20T14:27:51Z 2011-05-20T14:27:51Z 2010-09-06 2011-05-20T14:27:51Z
dc.description This is Essay 1 of the Collection of 'Essays on Cognitive Physical Science' in the repository UPSpace of the University of Pretoria. en_US
dc.description The main text of this essay starts with traditional sub-Saharan African thinking, and concludes with the author’s “Parallel-Systems Mind Model”. The Parallel-Systems Mind Model is one of the outcomes of the author’s research that is aimed at re-evaluating certain aspects of physical science from a cognitive-sciences-contextualised physical-science perspective, as well as at drawing conclusions for physical science teaching to a multi-cultural populace as in South Africa.
dc.description The Parallel-Systems Mind Model elaborated here is the author's first attempt of developing a vision of the human mind in which findings of the cognitive sciences are interpreted from a physicist's perspective. A perspective which is more accessible for physicists than is a typical cognitive-sciences approach to the enigma of mind.
dc.format.extent 56 pages including Preface; Index and Appendixes en_US
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dc.publisher The Author
dc.rights Copyright with the author, Creative Commons Licence held by the University. en_US
dc.subject Cognitive physical science en_US
dc.subject Parallel-Systems Mind Model en_US
dc.subject Forebrain programming en_US
dc.subject Conceptual system en_US
dc.subject Mind levels en_US
dc.subject Consciousness en_US
dc.subject Free will en_US
dc.subject Traditional thinking en_US
dc.subject Folk philosophies en_US
dc.subject Proto thinking en_US
dc.subject Vital force en_US
dc.subject Witchcraft en_US
dc.subject Mystification en_US
dc.subject Emergence of science en_US
dc.subject Categorising en_US
dc.subject Causality en_US
dc.subject Time en_US
dc.subject Collateral learning en_US
dc.title Traditional thinking, physical science, and the brain : an essay about a “Parallel-Systems Mind Model” en_US
dc.type Essay en_US

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