Unpublished Research (Veterinary Tropical Diseases)

Unpublished Research (Veterinary Tropical Diseases)


Research undertaken by students, post-graduates and lectures while attached to the Dept. Veterinary Tropical Diseases.

The collection consists of unpublished research in the form of documents, reports, research notes and “grey” literature.


For inquiries regarding this collection or items in the collection, please contact Tertia Coetsee Tel.: +27 12 420 8580

Recent Submissions

  • Maas, Miriam; University of Utrecht. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Immunology - Division of Immunology; University of Pretoria. Faculty of Veterinary Science. Dept. of Veterinary Tropical Diseases (2011-03-31)
    Bovine tuberculosis (BTB), caused by Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), was most likely introduced in South Africa by the first imported European cattle breeds during the 18th and 19th century. The rapid spread of BTB amongst ...