The violin heart

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dc.description.abstract Left ventricular false tendons are thin, fibromuscular structures which traverse the left ventricular cavity. They are thought to be intracavitary radiations of the bundle of His. Usually these tendons span between the interventricular septum and the lateral wall or a papillary muscle. They have been known to be a source of innocent and musical murmurs. In this case report a peculiar left ventricular false tendon is shown—one extending between the two papillary muscles, giving the appearance of a musical note. During ventricular diastole the tendon is pulled taut between the two heads of the papillary muscles and during ventricular systole the tendon relaxes. The echocardiographic characteristics and possible long term implications are discussed. en_US
dc.identifier.citation Ker, J 2010, 'The violin heart', Clinical Medicine Insights : Cardiology vol. 4, pp. 49–51. [] en_US
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dc.title The violin heart en_US
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