Mini-dissertations (Civil Engineering)

Mini-dissertations (Civil Engineering)


This collection contains research documents that presents the author's research and findings and is submitted in support of candidature for a final year undergraduate programme, a Honours degree, or as part of a Masters degree that involves course-work at the University of Pretoria, within the department indicated.

From Letter of consent

As per the policy of the University of Pretoria, The Department of Civil Engineering is authorised to grant permission for the archiving of the final year project mini-dissertations proceedings.

Recent Submissions

  • Verbytska, Anastasiya Stanislavivna; University of Pretoria. Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology. Dept. of Civil Engineering (2011-01-21)
    This research project aims to look into the hydraulics of culvert structures. A culvert is a structure which controls stream flow through and underneath a roadway and embankments.The verification of the effectiveness of ...