UP Expert Lecture Series

UP Expert Lecture Series


"UP Expert lecture Series provides a public platform for researchers of the University of Pretoria to engage with a general audience regarding significant developments in their fields of expertise that are likely to have an impact in the future."

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1. Crewe, Robin M. Doomsday scenarios and the fate of the African honeybee population
2. Heyns, Christof Universal human rights - asking for too much ?
3. Nkomo, Stella Woman in leadership: progress and challenges
4. Majozi, Thokazani 21st Century clouds above synthesis of batch chemical processes
5. Howie, Sarah Quality education for all - South Africas quest for the Holy Grail
6. Medalie, David To retrace your steps. The power of the past in post-apartheid literature.
7. Du Toit, Madeleine Welding - the achilles heel of the South African manufacturing industry?
8. Muller, Julian (Practical) Theology: a story of doubt and imagination
9. Pepper, Michael Stem cells: current reality and future promise

Recent Submissions

  • Pepper, Michael Sean; De la Rey, Cheryl; University of Pretoria (University of Pretoria, 2012-10-31)
    Die snel ontwikkelende terrein van stamselnavorsing skep voortdurend hoë verwagtinge by pasiënte. Stamselle is ongedifferensieerde selle wat die vermoë besit om hulself te hernu en wat deur differensiëring in al die ...
  • Muller, Julian C.; De la Rey, Cheryl; University of Pretoria (University of Pretoria, 2012-10-31)
    Teologie as 'n verhaal van twyfel en verbeelding moet in teenstelling met die tradisionele benadering tot teologie as 'n stelsel van proposisionele sekerhede verstaan word. Twyfel en verbeelding is 'n onafskeidbare deel ...
  • Howie, Sarah J. (University of Pretoria, 2011-08-04)
    GEHALTEONDERRIG VIR ALMAL - SUID-AFRIKA SE SOEKE NA DIE "HEILIGE GRAAL" ? aangebied deur prof Sarah Howie. Internasionale agentskappe fokus die afgelope twee dekades op "onderwys vir almal". Op 'n vasteland waar "onderwys ...
  • Heyns, C.H. (Christof H.); University of Pretoria; De la Rey, Cheryl (University of Pretoria, 2010-10-27)
    Human rights, as a set of norms that is applicable to everyone, everywhere, has been described as 'the idea of our time'. An expert from the University of Pretoria, Prof Christof Heyns, will pose the question in this UP ...
  • Crewe, Robin M.; De la Rey, Cheryl; University of Pretoria; De la Rey, Cheryl (University of Pretoria, 2010-08-26)
    The threat to honeybee populations in the USA, Europe and Latin America over the past few years has received extensive media attention.Yet, very little is said about African honeybee populations, even though honeybees ...