Tricarbonyl(ŋ 6-flavone)chromium(0)

Show simple item record Van Tonder, Johannes H. Bezuidenhoudt, Barend C.B. Janse van Rensburg, J.Marthinus 2010-04-13T06:24:10Z 2010-04-13T06:24:10Z 2009-11
dc.description This paper includes supplementary materials. en
dc.description.abstract In the title compound, [Cr(C15H10O2)(CO)3], the Cr(CO)3 unit exhibits a three-legged piano-stool conformation. The chromium metal centre is coordinated by the phenyl ring of the flavone ligand [Cr-(phenyl centroid) distance = 1.709 (1) Å]. The ligand is approximately planar, the dihedral angles between the -pyrone ring and the phenyl ring and between the -pyrone and the phenylene ring being 2.91 (5) and 3.90 (5)°, respectively. The molecular packing shows - stacking between the flavone ligands of neighbouring molecules. en
dc.identifier.citation Van Tonder, JH, Bezuidenhoudt BCB & Janse van Rensburg JM 2009, 'Tricarbonyl(ŋ 6-flavone)chromium(0)' Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online, E65, m1346-m1346. [] en
dc.identifier.issn 1600-5368
dc.identifier.other 10.1107/S1600536809040525
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher International Union of Crystallography en
dc.rights International Union of Crystallography en
dc.subject Tricarbonyl en
dc.subject.lcsh Chromium en
dc.subject.lcsh Flavonoids en
dc.subject.lcsh Ligands en
dc.title Tricarbonyl(ŋ 6-flavone)chromium(0) en
dc.type Article en

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