1935 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 5, 1935

1935 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 5, 1935


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Volume 5: Number 1

Section I: Protozoal Diseases

The transmission of Spirochaeta theileri to a blesbuck (Damaliscus albifrons) Neitz, WO 7

Bovine anaplasmosis : the transmission of Anaplasma marginale to a black wildebeest (Conochaetes gnu) Neitz, WO 9

Section II: Virus Diseases

The transmission of louping ill by ticks (Rhipicephalus appendiculatus) Alexander, RA & Neitz, WO 15

The blesbuck (Damaliscus albifrons) and the black wildebeest (Conochaetes gnu) as carriers of heartwater Neitz, WO 35

Section III: Parasitology

On some helminths from the "Nylghiae" Boselaphus tragocamelus (Pall) with observations on the parasitic larval stages of the stomach worm Ashworthius martinagliai sp. n. Ortlepp, RJ 43

On the metacercaria and adult of Clinostomum van der horsti sp. n., a trematode parasite of fishes and herons Ortlepp, RJ 51

Section IV: Bacteriology

The lethal dose of the toxins of some anaerobes for sheep Mason, JH 61

The antigenic components of the toxins of Cl. botulinum types C and D Mason, JH & Robinson, EM 65

Section V: Plant Studies and Poisonous Plants

Note upon the isolation of the toxic principle from a species of Dimorphotheca, probably Dimorphotheca fruticosa Steyn, DG & Rimington, C 79

Chemical investigations of the "Gifblaar" Dichapetalum cymosum (Hook) Engl. I Rimington, C 81

Hydrocyanic acid in grasses Leemann, AC 97

Section VI: Toxicological Studies

The detection of strychnine in carcasses and corpses Steyn, DG 139

Section VII: Mineral Metabolism and Nutrition

The effect of supplements of different forms of sulphur to the diet upon the wool of Merino sheep Van Wyk, CM, Botha, ML & Bekker, JG 177

Studies in mineral metabolism. XXXIII. Iodine in the nutrition of sheep. Second report Malan, AI, Du Toit, PJ & Groenewald, JW 189

A study of the mineral content and feeding value of natural pastures in the Union of South Africa. Third report Du Toit, PJ, Malan, AI, Louw, JG, Holzapfel, CR & Roets, G 201

A study of the mineral content and feeding value of natural pastures in the Union of South Africa. IV. The influence of season and frequency of cutting on the yield, persistency and chemical composition of grass species Du Toit, PJ, Louw, JG & Malan, AI 215

Section VIII: Surgery

The operation of splenectomy in horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and some South African antelopes : a summary of the results of 98 splenectomies Quinlan, J, De Kock, G & Marais, IP 273

Section IX: Animal Husbandry

Studies in native animal husbandry 12 : a Wankonde milk pail Curson, HH 307

Crossbred lambs under Eastern Transvaal conditions Van Rensburg, CT & Roux, LL 309

The seasonal influence on Merino wool production Bosman, V 323

Section X: Poultry

The enzymic activity of egg-white. Its bearing on the problem of watery-whites Van Manen, E & Rimington, C 329

Section XI: Miscellaneous

Anatomical studies no. 58 : Diprosopus tetrophthalmus in a bull calf Green, WJB 347

Anatomical studies no. 59 : On a false masculine hermaphrodite in an avian hybrid Viljoen, NF & De Bruin, JH 351

Volume 5: Number 2

Section I: Bacteriology

The bloedpens strain of Cl. welchii type B, Wilsdon. (The "Lamb dysentery bacillus") Mason, JH 363

The production of immunity against Cl. welchii type B, Wilsdon. (The "Lamb dysentery bacillus") Mason, JH 391

Section II: Parasitology

The chemotherapy of oesophagostomiasis in sheep. II Monnig, HO 419

Section III: Poisonous Plants

The toxicity of pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo L.) Steyn, DG 441

The occurrence of cyanogenetic glucosides in South African species of Acacia. II. Determination of the chemical constitution of acacipetalin. Its isolation from Acacia stolonifera, Burch Rimington, C 445

Section IV: Toxicology

The toxicity of trypan blue Steyn, DG 467

Section V: Mineral Metabolism and Nutrition

The carotene content of some South African feeds Myburgh, SJ 475

Section VI: Physiology

Studies on the alimentary tract of the Merino sheep in South Africa. II. Investigations on the physiology of deglutition Monnig, HO & Quin, JI 485

Studies on the alimentary tract of sheep in South Africa. III. The influence of bowel anastomosis on the general nutritional state of Merino sheep Besselaar, HJ & Quin, JI 501

Section VII: Animal Husbandry

A freak Merino fleece Bosman, V 517

Wool studies. I. The variation and interdependence of Merino fleece and fibre characteristics Malan, AP, Van Wyk, CM & Botha, ML 519

Studies in native animal husbandry. 13. A note on the three parent stocks of African cattle Curson, HH 531

Factors affecting the growth of range cattle in semi-arid regions Schutte, DJ 535

Section VIII: Miscellaneous

Anatomical studies no. 60 : some comments on the hump of African cattle Curson, HH & Bisschop, JHR 621

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Subject index 647

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