1935 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 4, 1935

1935 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 4, 1935


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Volume 4: Number 2

Section II: Virus Diseases

Studies on the neurotropic virus of horsesickness II: Some physical and chemical properties Alexander, RA 291

Studies on the neurotropic virus of horsesickness III: The intracerebral protection test and its application to the study of immunity Alexander, RA 349

Studies on the neurotropic virus of horsesickness IV: The pathogenesis in horses Alexander, RA 379

A Rickettsia-like organism and an unknown intracellular organisrn of the conjunctival epithelium of goats Coles, JDWA 389

Section III: Plant Studies and Poisonous Plants

Recent investigations into the toxicity of known and unknown poisonous plants in the Union of South Africa Steyn, DG 399

Plant poisoning in stock and the development of tolerance Steyn, DG 417

Psilocaulon absimile N.E.Br. as a stock poison : II. Isolation of the toxic alkaloidal constituent and its identification as piperidine hydrochloride Rimington, C 421

Section IV: Mineral Metabolism and Deficiency

Further observations on the cystine deficiency of lucerne proteins and the effect of heat and incubation upon their growth-promoting value Kellermann, JH 437

Studies on the origin of sulphur in wool : II. A cuprous mercaptide method for the determination of cystine or cysteine Rossouw, SD 453

Section V: Studies on Photosensitisation

Studies on the photosensitisation of animals in South Africa. VIII. The biological formation of phylloerythrin in the digestive tracts of various domesticated animals Quin, JI, Rimington, C & Roets, GCS 463

Section VI: Sex Physiology

Studies in sex physiology. No. 13. The changing proportions of the merino lamb from the second to the fifth month of prenatal life Curson, HH & Malan, AP 481

Section VII: Animal Husbandry

Rearing dairy calves Roux, LL 495

Studies in native animal husbandry. 11. An ambo bull described Bisschop, JHR & Curson, HH 541

The influence of pregnancy and lactation on merino wool production Bosman, V 551

Section VIII: Miscellaneous

Anatomical studies No. 51. Hypermastia and hyperthelia in cattle Groenewald, JW 559

Anatomical studies No. 52. Two cases of false masculine hermaphroditism in cattle (Path. nos. 5018 and 11125) Curson, HH 563

Anatomical studies No.53. Local thickening of the vascular system in a horse De Lange, M & Belonje, CWA 571

Anatomical studies No. 54. False masculine hermaphroditism in a pig (Path. no. 12926) Fourie, J 573

Anatomical studies No. 55. A mummified bovine foetus Van der Walt, SJ 575

Anatomical studies No. 56. Monophthalmos in a horse Van der Walt, SJ 577

Anatomical studies No. 57. An abnormally placed vulva in a heifer Hofmeyr, CFB 579

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Subject index 583

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