1934 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 3, 1934

1934 Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Industry, Volume 3, 1934


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Volume 3: Number 1

Section I: Virus Diseases

Heartwater in sheep. The Weil-Felix reaction and an investigation into the bacterial content of the blood with particular reference to the use of K-medium Mason, JH & Alexander, RA 7

Section II: Parasitology

A search for tick parasites in South Africa Cooley, RA 23

Results of a mosquito survey at Onderstepoort during the summer 1931/ 32 in connection with the transmission of horsesickness Nieschulz, 0, Bedford, GAH & Du Toit, RM 43

Handling mosquitoes for experimental purposes under South African conditions Nieschulz, 0 & Du Toit, RM 79

Echinococcus in dogs from Pretoria and vicinity 0rtlepp, RJ 97

Section III: Poisonous Plants

Isolation of the poisonous principle of Dimorphotheca cuneata Less Marais, JSC & Rimington, C 111

Plant poisoning in stock and the development of tolerance Steyn, DG 119

Recent investigations into the toxicity of known and unknown poisonous plants in the Union of South Africa Steyn, DG 125

Section IV: Physiology

Studies on sex physiology. XI. The relationship between a corpus luteum verum and the corresponding pregnant horn Curson, HH 133

Section V: Studies in Photosensitisation

Studies in the photosensitisation of animals in South Africa. VII. The nature of the photosensitising agent in Geeldikkop Rimington, C & Quin, JI 137

Section VI: Mineral Deficiency and Metabolism

Recent advances in the chemistry of the plasma proteins and their complexes Rimington, C 161

A routine method for the determination of soluble ash in plant material Louw, JG 191

Section VII: Animal Husbandry

The influence of feed on the Merino sheep Mare, GS & Bosman, V 199

Further notes on lumpy wool in South Africa Mason, JH & Bekker, .JG 211

The determination of fleece density in the Merino sheep Bosman, V 217

Fibre fineness of South African Merino wool Bosman, V 223

Section VIII: Miscellaneous

Anatomical studies No. 41. Prenatal death in the Merino ewe associated with deformity of the cervix uteri Curson, HH & Belonje, CE 235

Anatomical studies No. 42. Polydactylism in a pig Van Der Walt,SJ & De Boom, HPA 237

Anatomical studies No. 43. Two cases of missing incisor teeth in the horse Curson, HH 239

Anatomical studies No. 44. On two anomalies arising from the embryonic small intestine Curson, HH 241

Anatomical studies No. 45. Synotus in a lamb and a pig foetus Curson, HH 245

Anatomical studies No. 46. Apus in a pig Curson, HH 249

Anatomical studies No. 47. Previous urachus in a bull calf Marais, IP & Sutton, GD 251

Anatomical studies No. 48. On a case of brachygnathia superior in an ox Curson, HH 253

Anatomical studies No. 49. On a deformity of the shoulder joint in a pig Curson, HH 255

Volume 3: Number 2

Section I: Protozoal Diseases

Eperythrozoon ovis (sp. nov.) infection in sheep Neitz, WO, Alexander, RA & Du Toit, PJ 263

Section II: Virus Diseases

Investigations into the transmission of horsesickness at Onderstepoort during the season 1931-32 Nieschulz, O, Bedford, GAH & Du Toit, RM 275

Rabies in South Africa. Occurrence and distribution of cases during 1933 Neitz, WO & Thomas, AD 335

Section III: Parasitology

Preliminary note on the life history of Gaigeria pachyscelis (Raill. and Henry, 1910), a hookworm of sheep Ortlepp, RJ 347

On Habronema murrayi (sp. n.), from the barn owl, Tyto alba Ortlepp, RJ 351

Section IV: Poisonous Plants

The toxicology of plants in South Africa Steyn, DG 359

Section V: Sex Physiology

Studies in sex physiology. No. 12. The situation of the developing foetus and the relationship between the pregnant horn and the corresponding corpus luteum verum Curson, HH & Mare, GS 477

Section VI: Miscellaneous

Anatomical studies. No. 50. A comparison of Hamitic Longhorn, West African Shorthorn, and Afrikander cattle particularly with regard to the skull Curson, HH & Epstein, H 487

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