1928 13th and 14th Reports of the Director of Veterinary Education and Research - Part 1, October 1928

1928 13th and 14th Reports of the Director of Veterinary Education and Research - Part 1, October 1928


Contentes Pages: Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research, Vol ??, 19??


Ecthyma contagiosum of sheep and goats Theiler, A 7

The transmission of tick-borne diseases by the intrajugular injection of the emulsified intermediary host itself Theiler, A & Du Toit, PJ 15

Botulism (parabotulism) in equines Theiler, A & Robinson, EM 45

Gonderia mutans or Theileria mutans? Theiler, A & Graf, H 69

Investigations into the cause of vomeersiekte in sheep Du Toit, PJ 107

On the nature of Anaplasma Du Toit, PJ 155

Gifblaar poisoning. A summary of our present knowledge in respect of poisoning by Dichapetalum cymosum Steyn, DG 185

Tulp poisoning Steyn, DG 195

Some little known South African poisonous plants and their effects on stock Curson, HH 203

Lasiosiphon anthylloides as a poisonous plant Alexander, R 231

Histological studies on East Coast fever Steck, W 241

Pathological studies on heartwater Steck, W 281

Nagana in Zululand Curson, HH 309

Preliminary report on a South African virus disease amongst pigs Steyn, DG 415

Anthrax in South Africa with special reference to improved methods of protective inoculation Viljoen, PR & Fourie, PJJ 431

Preliminary report on investigations carried out in connection with a calf disease in the Marico district, with special reference to paratyphoid B. enteritidis infection Viljoen, PR & Martinaglia, G 535

Researches into sterility of cows in South Africa Quinlan, J 553

A note on the occurrence of Struma colloides in bovines in the Transvaal Quinlan, J 577

Vasectomy as a method of sterilizing ram lambs: a comparison with castration Quinlan, J 583

Necrosis in musculature and myocard of sheep-pseudotuberculosis De Kock, G & Fourie, PJJ 595

Occurrence of Onchocerca in South Africa De Kock, G & Snyman, PS 603

Two cases of squamous cell carcinoma (cancroid) in the rumen of bovines De Kock, G & Fourie, PJJ 611

A contribution to the occurrence of actinomycosis in bovines, associated (a) with the peritoneal cavity, (b) with the testicles De Kock, G & Fourie, PJJ 615

A case of naturally-contracted tuberculosis in a goat in South Africa Fourie, PJJ 623

A case of demodectic mange in the goat Fourie, PJJ 629

Two cases of rhinosporidiosis in equines Quinlan, J & De Kock, G 635

Pneumono-mykosis in a bovine De Kock, G & Fourie, PJJ 643

A study of the reticulo-endothelial system of the sheep De Kock, G 647

Green liver cell adenoma in a bovine De Kock, G & Fourie, PJJ 727

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