UP Experts (Jonathan Jansen Collection)

UP Experts (Jonathan Jansen Collection)


Professor Jonathan Jansen obtained his PhD at Stanford University School of Education and his MS in Science Education at Cornell University. He served as the Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Pretoria up to March 2007, and is internationally regarded as one of the top researchers in the field of education.

Prof Jansen's research output generated during the years 1988 to 2007 is archived in this collection.

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Recent Submissions

  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Elsevier, 2007-06)
    This paper focuses on educational leadership in the context of social transition to post-apartheid democracy in South Africa. Transitional leaders manifest behaviours, attitudes, values and strategies that are deeply related ...
  • Du Plessis, Andre F. (2007-05-07)
    The University of Pretoria bids farewell to prof. Jonathan Jansen with an official ceremony at the Groenkloof campus. During this farewell function he is thanked for all his contributions during the past seven years. Tribute ...
  • Govender, Sholain (Pretoria News, 2007-03-16)
    The resignation of prof Jonathan Jansen is announced.
  • Schoombie, Schalk (Insig, 2004-10-31)
    Skool was vir hom hel en hy het sy eerste jaar gedruip. Vandag is prof. Jonathan Jansen dekaan van Opvoedkunde aan die UP, en een van die voorste vegters vir wêreldgehalte-onderwys in Suid-Afrika. Hy is ook 'n uitgesproke ...
  • Govender, Sholain (Pretoria News, 2007-03-22)
    UP could be among world's top ten universities.
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Beeld, 2007-03-22)
    VSA en SA kort albei inklusiewe politieke bewussyn.
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Centre for African Studies, 1998)
    Focuses on issues of curriculum knowledge and institutional power which are underlying and untouched concerns in university transformation. University of Cape Town
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Burger, 2007-02-08)
    Wanneer ons volgende keer (ten regte) ons toorn uitspreek teenoor daardie geweldadige misdadigers wat in ons strate rondsluip, asook jeens die gevoellose regering wat hulle toelaat om te gedy, dink ook 'n oomblik oor die ...
  • Forde, Fiona (Saturday Star, 2007-02-10)
    Fiona Forde asked a cross-section of South Africans to watch Mbeki with her.
  • West, Edward (Business Day, 2007-03-13)
    The reason some schools experienced high failure rates had less to do with lack of resouces than the lack of accountability among teachers, professor Jonathan Jansen said at the Durban International Conference in KwaZulu Natal.
  • Rademeyer, Alet (Beeld, 2007-03-15)
    Opvoedkunde-dekaan se werk in Durban met 6 maande verleng.
  • Pistorius, Calie (Carl W.I.), 1958- (Office of the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Pretoria, 2007-03-15)
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Beeld, 2007-02-08)
    Geweld begin by 'n pak slae wat mense hul kinders gee.
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Sunday Independent, 2006-12-31)
    The government is faced with a serious problem of raising the level of school quality.
  • Momberg, Eleanor (Sunday Argus, 2006-12-31)
    Obtaining a matic qualification has become almost meaningless and under-graduate degrees are heading for a similar fate.
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Volksblad, 2006-12-29)
    'n Swart man se pret en ellende met die van Jansen.
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (Sunday Argus, 2006-12-31)
    Black schools are in serious trouble in South Africa and there is little policy or planning that suggests that the national pattern of two-school systems is about to be disturbed.
  • MNet; Wyngaard, Heinrich; Jansen, Jonathan D.; Kotze, Christiaan (2007-02-06)
    Hierdie onderhoud is uitgesaai op "Die Storie" ter viering van Nelson Mandela se 88e verjaarsdag. Heinrich Wyngaard vra die volgende vrae aan prof Jansen, dekaan van die Fakultiet Opvoedkunde aan die Universiteit van ...
  • Jansen, Jonathan D.; Potenza, Emilia (Fairlady, 1998-01)
    There isn't a parent in the country who isn't concerned about the quality of education. Curriculum 2005, our home-grown version of outcomes-based education, makes one very definite promise: that school will never be the ...
  • Jansen, Jonathan D. (2007-01-18)
    Addressing the University of Venda (Univen) convocation, Professor Jonathan Jansen said internationally governments fund universities that are centres of performance where delivery takes place, rather than centers of ...

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