African swine fever virus isolate, Georgia, 2007

Show simple item record Rowlands, Rebecca J. Michaud, Vincent Heath, Livio Edward Hutchings, Geoff Oura, C.A.L. Vosloo, Wilna Dwarka, Rahana M. Onashvili, Tinatin Albina, Emmanuel Dixon, Linda K. 2009-05-27T07:33:40Z 2009-05-27T07:33:40Z 2008-12
dc.description.abstract African swine fever (ASF) is widespread in Africa but is rarely introduced to other continents. In June 2007, ASF was confirmed in the Caucasus region of Georgia, and it has since spread to neighboring countries. DNA fragments amplified from the genome of the isolates from domestic pigs in Georgia in 2007 were sequenced and compared with other ASF virus (ASFV) isolates to establish the genotype of the virus. Sequences were obtained from 4 genome regions, including part of the gene B646L that encodes the p72 capsid protein, the complete E183L and CP204L genes, which encode the p54 and p30 proteins and the variable region of the B602L gene. Analysis of these sequences indicated that the Georgia 2007 isolate is closely related to isolates belonging to genotype II, which is circulating in Mozambique, Madagascar, and Zambia. One possibility for the spread of disease to Georgia is that pigs were fed ASFV-contaminated pork brought in on ships and, subsequently, the disease was disseminated throughout the region. en
dc.description.sponsorship Wellcome Trust project "African swine fever virus: Development of vaccines and epidemiological investigations", European Union Network of Excellence Epizone EPIZONE (contract no. FOOD-CT-2006-016236) and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. en
dc.identifier.citation Rowlands, RJ, Michaud, V, Heath, L, Hutchings, G, Oura, C, Vosloo, W, Dwarka, R, Onashvili, T, Albina, E & Dixon, LK 2008, ‘African swine fever virus isolate, Georgia, 2007’, Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol. 14, no. 12, pp. 1870-1874. [] en
dc.identifier.issn 1080-6040
dc.identifier.other 10.3201/eid1412.080591
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention en
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dc.rights Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention en
dc.subject African swine fever en
dc.subject Virus en
dc.subject Hemorrhagic fever en
dc.subject Domestic pigs en
dc.subject.lcsh African swine fever virus -- Georgia en
dc.title African swine fever virus isolate, Georgia, 2007 en
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