GAELIC / SALIT Interlending Project


The need for training workshops was evident when the reasons for unfilled requests were studied and after the site visits to the GAELIC member libraries. During the library visits, 50% the Interlending staff indicated that they would like to attend a workshop focusing on common errors, general updating and advanced practices.

It was agreed that, during the workshop, emphasis would be placed on common errors that have been picked up during the analysis of unfilled requests and a code of best practice for Interlending and Document Supply. In view of the success that can be obtained by making use of industrial theatre, approval was obtained to prepare a play to be presented to joint workshops of members of the LIASA ILL Interest Group and GAELIC ILL staff. A scriptwriter/producer and actors from the University of Pretoria were appointed to design a 15 minute play which highlighted the importance of attitude, commitment and training.

A video recording was made of the industrial play and is included here to be used as a further training aid for ILL staff.

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